100 Bad Pickup Lines for Everyone in 2023

Bad pickup lines: A pickup line is a remark or query used to flirt with or strike up a conversation with a total stranger, frequently with the intention of establishing a romantic relationship in the future. However, certain pick-up lines can be awkward, disrespectful, or poorly thought out, and are frequently referred to as “bad pickup lines.”

These pick-up lines frequently fail to accomplish their intended goal and may even be detrimental, giving the user the impression that they are desperate, weird, or rude. It’s critical to treat prospective partners respectfully and to take into account their needs and boundaries. A poor pickup line is unlikely to be successful and could possibly make it more difficult to connect with the other person.

Bad Pickup Lines

You seem to know me.

Have we ever shared a class together?

We seemed to have chemistry, I swear.

I believe I misplaced my phone number. Can I have yours please?

Bad Pickup Lines

A bank loan, are you? Because I am interested in you!

You’d be an acute triangle if you were a triangle!

You are a 9, and I am the one you need on a scale of 1 to 10.

Do you have a fear of ghosts? Yeah, I agree with you; booo!

Please assist me in locating my Facebook acquaintance.

She must be here someplace, so let’s go look for her together.

I’m not very knowledgeable with astrology, but I do understand how the cosmos came to be. It began with the letter u.

Violets are blue, whereas roses are red. It seems like I’m doomed with a smile like that.

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Really Bad Pickup Lines

You have a bandage, right? because when I fell in love with you, I scraped my knee.

If I had nine lives like a cat, I would spend them all with you!

Bad Pickup Lines

You must be the square root of two since you make me feel crazy.

Do you perform magic? Because whenever I gaze upon you, everyone else vanishes.

Does your dad support terrorism? mainly because you’re hot!

Where did I last see you? Oh, I see, I remember. In the dictionary, it was located close to the word “beautiful.”

According to my doctor, I’m lacking vitamin U. Can you assist me?

Bad Pickup Lines Funny

Is your dad a burglar? because someone implanted stars in your eyes by stealing them from the sky.

Do you go by Google? Because you are the solution to every question I have.

I’m learning about significant historical data. Do you want to join them?

I’m glad I recently purchased life insurance since my heart stopped when I saw you.

You occupied my thoughts for so long that I ought to charge you rent.

Oh my God, is WiFi your name? mostly because I sense a connection!

You make me think of the alphabet’s 21 letters. I apologize; I neglected to remember U R A Q T.

How about Pepsi? You’re soda-licious, that’s why!

Actually, I’m not this tall. I’ve got my wallet in my lap.

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Bad Pickup Lines 2023

I’m not attempting to sneak up on you. I merely desire to invest in them.

Are you the egg or the chicken? I’ll make sure you come first in either case.

When you were younger, I bet kids disliked it when you played hide-and-seek with them. because it’s difficult to find girls like you.

Dude, you look awful in those trousers. Please remove them.

Can I serve as your candle’s wax? I’m a good man…So I’ll let you complete it first.

Hey, have you heard about the most recent Spotify bug? They don’t have you listed as the hottest single this week for some reason.

My teddy bear was stolen. Will you instead have a bed with me?

I’ll kiss you on the cheek. You can leave if you don’t like it.

Funny Bad Pickup Lines

I would take you to the movies, but you can’t bring in outside food.

You must be the queen of hearts since my mother once told me that life was like a deck of cards.

How about a meme? Because I want to introduce you to my friends in the hopes that they will share my enthusiasm for you.

You would be an apple if you were a fruit.

What have you seen that is the nicest thing ever? Reread the first letter of that line.

You would be Optimus Fine if you were a Transformer.

You made the airplane, right? For me, you seem Wright, so.

We should eat breakfast tomorrow. Should I give you a call or prod you?

Can I use your phone for a moment? I just saw a fox, I need to call animal control!

Only when I’m near you does that happen—my face is crimson, just like the roses!

I’m using you because none of the public libraries are open right now.

Have you got a coin? When I meet the woman of my dreams, I should call my mother, she advised.

Your beauty made me blind. I’ll need your name and phone number for insurance purposes.

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Bad Pickup Lines for Him

If you feed me breakfast, I’ll make you dinner.

God wanted to show off when he created you.

Do you know what’s in my shirt? Suitable for a boyfriend.

Are you certain you’re not exhausted? I’ve been thinking about you all day.

My eyes must be acting up in some way. They are not removable by me.

Please drive me to the hospital. because I fell in love with you and broke my leg.

I’m not very strong at math, but I do work well with numbers. Give me yours and I’ll see what I can do about it, I’ll tell you what.

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Yoda only gave me one, after all!

I believe I know you, hey. Oh, I do recall! The guy with the lovely smile is you.

You are so sweet that you could drive out Hershey’s.

Will you be my nothing if nothing exists forever?

Are you a football player? Since you really are a keeper!

If you want to take me out to dinner, don’t let me know. Just provide a simple “yes” or “no” smile or backflip.

Please allow me to take your picture so I may tell Santa what I want for Christmas.

Best Bad Pickup Lines

April is cloudy, March was awful. We’re hoping to go out in May.

I would still fall for you even if there was no gravity on Earth!

It is impossible to define my love for you since it is like dividing by zero.

Can I call you by my name or do you have a name?

Are you the date of today? You’re a 10/10, that’s why.

Was your birthday on Diwali, girl? as a pataka you are!

Come with me if you enjoy bananas because I am a “kela.”

Do you consume a lot of pizza because it has cheese on it?

If you’ll be my Simran, I’ll be your Raj.

You would be McGorgeous if you were a McDonald’s hamburger.

The Desi in Desirable is you.

I’m here to pick you up, and my name is Uber.

I shall continue to cherish you as long as life allows me to.

My life would be like biryani sans elaichi without you.

A gulab jamun, are you? Because you are the sweetest thing ever!

Bad Pickup Lines Dirty

Are you a karma believer? I am aware of various favorable karma-sutra positions.

I’ve heard that the population is declining. Why don’t we take action tonight to address that?

You are aware of where to store your clothes. on the floor of my room.

The lips are the bodily part that is the most sensitive, according to my biology teacher. Do you want to know if she was correct?

You are just like a snowflake: lovely, one of a kind, and you’ll get wet if you get touched.

Since I haven’t been inside of you yet, I don’t want to start this conversation by telling you that you are lovely.

Why don’t you leave your room tonight and surprise your roommate?

Stupid pick-up lines that occasionally work despite your belief that they won’t

Bad Pickup Lines for Her

Someone needs to dial 911. To look at that wonderful has got to be against the law.

Are you alright? You must have felt pain as you descended from heaven.

Do you charge my phone? I would die without you, after all.

Tie your shoelaces, please. I don’t want you to start liking other people.

If you’re wondering why I’m following you, it’s because my father has always encouraged me to pursue my goals.

Well, I’m here. What two other desires did you have?

My friends wager that I can’t converse with the most attractive girl. Want to spend their cash on a couple beers for us?

Did you lose your license because you drove all these girls crazy?

I really like your latte, therefore we could go out for coffee sometime.

If I’m not mistaken, dinosaurs are still alive.

Did the police previously arrest you? Because to appear so good would have to be unlawful.

Hey, would you like to join me for a photo? I want to enrage my ex-boyfriend.

Did you participate in the Boy Scouts? mostly because you’ve twisted my heart into a knot.

Have you got a watch? Because I need to know how long it took me to fall in love with you.

It seems as though the world had no color before I met you.

In summary, awful pickup lines are ones that are ill-conceived, embarrassing, or offensive. They may even hurt your chances of connecting with someone and are unlikely to be successful in beginning a romantic relationship. It’s critical to treat prospective partners respectfully and to take into account their needs and boundaries.

It might be more successful to simply introduce oneself and start a genuine, courteous conversation rather than employing a poor pickup line. This strategy makes it possible to establish a sincere bond and enables communication that is more genuine and meaningful for both parties.

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