Motivational School Quotes for Students to Inspire Them to Learn More

Motivational school quotes for students: Education is a power. Education helps us to evaluate the things happening around us. An educated person understands the value of life and the way we should live our lives. Education imparts to us with the vision to see the world in a different way. Education teaches us what is ethical … Read more

161 Motivational Business Quotes in English

Motivational Business Quotes in English: Without a dream there is no goal and without a goal there is no achievement and without achievement there is no success. So to succeed in any business or in any field of love you need to have an achievable dream. A dream which can lead you to success in … Read more

121 Best Friendship Memories Quotes to Refresh the Loving old Memories

Best friendship memories quotes: Friends are the cute gifts of god. We love to see old photographs with friends and share them on social media as sweet memories. Those priceless memories with friends in the school and college time remain in our hearts throughout our lifetime. Just to refresh those memories once again, we have … Read more

60 Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Husband From Pregnant Wife

Wedding anniversary wishes to husband from pregnant wife: Marital life is a commitment to nature’s law of regeneration. It is a commitment  It is a heavenly feeling to find your wife pregnant with your child. Marriage is a relationship of loyalty, trust, selfless love and faith, your spouse feels worthy when you love and pay … Read more

Quote Love All Trust Few, Believe Many Trust Few

Quote love all trust few: Love is a natural process which happens from the heart. Love needs no proof, no past experience, no belief, it just happens. The heart is solely responsible for love. Loving anybody needs no brains, but trust asks for proof, past experiences. The heart accepts love without analysis, the brain needs … Read more

Good Morning Quotes with Republic Day Wishes 2022

Good morning quotes with Republic Day wishes‘: After the freedom from British rule on 15th August 1947. India announced itself as a sovereign republic governed by a democratic form of government on January 26, 1950. This is from then 26th Jan is celebrated as the Republic Day of India. India will be celebrating it’s 73rd … Read more