40 Guess What Jokes and Riddles for Everyone

Guess what jokes: Jokes help us to release stress and maintain mental health. Applying mental pressure to find funny answers boosts our anthusiasm. After understanding the funny answer which we could not guess, it gives us a tickling feeling inside our heart and we smile. This is the purpose of the joke to rejuvenate us. Let us see how many answers you guess are right.

Lately, jokes have been popping up everywhere. From memes and tweets to Facebook posts and even articles, everyone seems to be cracking jokes. But jokes are not always funny, and they can actually have a harmful impact on our mental health.

Jokes that make fun of people or groups of people can lead to feelings of anger, resentment, and shame. In fact, studies have shown that telling dirty jokes can increase aggression and violence. So, if you want to make people laugh but avoid hurting their feelings, try some of these alternatives instead!

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Guess What Jokes

No. #1.  A man kills a deer and takes it home to cook for dinner. Guess what jokes!

Both he and his wife decide that they’ll play a game with the kids. They’ll give them a clue and get them to guess what it is.

At meal time, the kids are eager to know what the meat is on their plates, so they beg their dad for a clue.

“Well” he says, “It’s what mommy calls me sometimes”.

The little girl screams, “Don’t eat it! It’s an asshole!” 

Guess What Jokes


No. #2. A man comes home one day and says, “Guess what honey? Pack your bags, I won the lottery!”

The wife squeals with delight and says, “That’s great! Should I pack for the mountains or the beach?”

He says, “I don’t care, just get out!”  

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No. #3. Young Actor: “Dad, guess what? I’ve just got my first part in a play. I play the part of a man who’s been married for 30 years.”

Father: “Well, keep at it, son. Maybe one day you’ll get a speaking part.”
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No. #4. The teacher tells little Jack, “I’m going to describe an animal and you have to guess what it is.”
Teacher: “It lives on a farm and gives milk”.
Jack: “A cow?”.
Teacher: “That’s correct too, but I meant a goat. What lives on a farm, has feathers and lays eggs?”
Jack: “A chicken”.
Teacher: “That’s correct too but I meant a duck.”
Little Jack: (Getting annoyed, asks the teacher): “What goes into your mouth hard, and comes out soft and wet?”

Teacher:  — Starts blushing.
Jack Peplies: “That’s correct too but I meant chewing gum.” Guess what jokes!
No. #5. A father and three sons are renovating a house.
when the wall of that house collapses and breaks the father’s back. Keeping calm he tells the sons,
Father: “well, I guess this is what you would call back-breaking labor.” He chuckled and then passed out from pain.
Guess What Jokes

Funny Guess What Jokes

No. #6. Have you noticed how many business people wear ties? Can you guess what the reason is for this?

Because they’re always tied up – be it at work or in traffic!


No. #7. Guess what number of pessimists it takes to screw in a lightbulb? Guess what jokes!

None – they all gave up!


No. #8. Can you guess what you call someone who never falls down the stairs?

A stair-voyant!


N0. #9. Can you guess what happened to the man who played board games all his life?

He got bored of playing games!

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N0. #10. Can you guess what method of transportation self-driving cars use on their day off?

A human driver!


N0. #11. A young boy managed to get to the moon! Can you guess how he achieved this?

He pressed the “SPACE” bar on his computer keyboard!


N0. #12. Can you guess the reason why the moon is so cold? Guess what jokes!

She’s always deflecting the sun’s rays!


No. #13. The panda was always getting locked up when he visited a restaurant. Can you guess what he did to deserve this?

He asked if he could eat shoots and leaves!


N0. #14. Can you guess why the man thought he was rich despite having an empty wallet?

He also valued the things that money couldn’t buy!


No. #15. Guess what you call a comedian who’s about to make a joke? Guess what jokes!

Someone with a pun in the oven!

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Hey Guess What Jokes

No. #16. Guess what the reason is why some restaurants refuse to serve food to ducks?

Because they don’t understand the meaning of putting something on their bill!

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N0. #17. Guess what the man got when he won the Scrabble tournament? Guess what jokes!

A re-word!


No. #18. Can you guess what you get when you cross a Pointer and a Setter dog with a Christmas wreath?

A Pointsettia!


N0. #19. Guess what Santa calls his elves? Guess what jokes!

Subordinate Clauses!


N0. #20. Can you guess what horses, donkeys, cows, goats, and sheep have in common?

They’re all very stable animals!


Guess Who Joke

No. #21. Can you guess what the reason was that the doves got arrested?

Because they staged a coo!

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No. #22. Guess what you call a baby reindeer’s first teeth? Guess what jokes!

Buck teeth!


No. #23. Guess why elephants always get the first word? Guess what jokes!

Because their opinion carries a lot of weight!

Guess What Jokes


No. #24. Can you guess what the pickle did when he had a bad day?

He knew he was in a pickle, but just dill-ed with it!


No. #25. Can you guess what burgers and fries say when they want to meet up?

Let’s ketchup!


Good Guess What Jokes

No. #26. Can you guess why vending machines always randomly stop working?

I don’t know myself – they just don’t make any cents!

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N0. #27. Can you guess why the sea monster was such a successful comedian?

He was always Kraken everyone up!


No. #28. Guess what crime scene investigators do on their day off? Guess what jokes!

They throw caution tape to the wind!


No. #29. Can you guess what happened to the man who was addicted to doing the Hokey-Pokey?

He turned himself around!


No. #30. Can you guess why the little soda pop always drifted off in class?

He lives in a Fanta sea world!


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No. #31. Can you guess why everyone loves eating donuts?

To be honest, I donut know myself!


No. #32. Can you guess who you should never lie to? Guess what jokes!

An x-ray operator – they can see right through you!


No. #33. Can you guess why the shipwreck had to go to therapy?

Because he was a nervous wreck!


No. #34. Can you guess what coffee and motivational coaches have in common?

They encourage people to espresso themselves!


No. #35. Can you guess why the grumpy man asked his doctor for a course of antibiotics after attending a comedy night?

Because he thought laughter was infectious!


Guess What Jokes Funny

No. #36. Can you guess who all the little cereal kids are afraid of?

The cereal killer!


No. #37. Can you guess what coat hangers do on the weekends?

They hang out, of course!


No. #38. Can you guess where that famous painter’s ear went?

Not sure, but I saw it get in a Van and Gogh!


No. #38. Can you guess what type of fish frequents the best reefs in the ocean?

The sofish-ticated type!


No. #40. Can you guess what cats and housewives love to consume?

Cat-a-log’s, of course!


Jokes are one of the easiest ways to make people laugh. They are usually simple, easy to understand, and relatable. They can be used in any situation, and if you know how to tell them well, you can even make an interaction with a stranger feel comfortable and friendly.

So, whether you’re looking for a quick fix to alleviate some anxiety or just want to have some fun, jokes are a great way to do that!