150 We Had Great Time Together Quotes | Having Best Time Quotes

Having Best Time Quotes

Having Best Time Quotes: After A Long Tough Time is phrased to enjoy the good time which has come after hardships. If we suffer stress then why not enjoy the good time? Life as we have seen is never stable all the time. I remember the quote of Swami Vivekenand ji which says that if your … Read more

70 Quotes about Time Passing | Time Pass Quotes

Quotes on Time Passing

Quotes about time passing so fast with no chance of it slowing down. We always grumble of short of time in life. It is that we are short of time or we could not manage our work in time. These short quotes about time passing away will definitely help you to understand the importance of work … Read more

What to Say to Someone Who Had a Bad Day? ( 50 Lines)

What to Say to Someone Who Had a Bad Day

What to say to someone who had a bad day: Every one has had a bad day in his or her life. It is not that you are intelligent so you will never have a bad day, or you are rich so you will not have a bad day any time in life. It is … Read more

150+ Best Time Passes By So Quickly Quotes and Phrases

Time Passes By So Quickly Quotes

Time passes by so quickly quotes: I’ve been looking forward to my senior year for years, and it’s finally here. It’s incredible to think that everything will be over in two and a half months. I want to start getting everything ready for when I go to college because I will be leaving for it in … Read more

99 Beautiful River Quotes in English | Time is Like a River Quotes

Beautiful River Quotes in English: Rivers have different moods as the way they flow. You must have seen aggressive river that flows at high speed making whistling noise. This river seems very scary. Some rivers flow fast but do not make noise. Others are calm and quiet. Some of the beautiful river quotes are gathered here … Read more