I Have Died Everyday Waiting for You | Waiting for You Quotes

I Have Died Everyday Waiting for You

I have died everyday waiting for you: It sounds like you may be feeling a strong emotional connection to someone and experiencing feelings of longing or yearning for their presence. It’s common to feel this way when we are separated from someone we care about, or when we are unable to be with them as much … Read more

100 Best Quotes about Feeling alone in a Relationship

Alone Quotes

These quotes about feeling alone in a relationship are best to read when you are depressed and alone and wanted to come out of it. Quotes about different feelings are liked by many to read. Some people are happy to be alone, some are tired of being alone. Have you ever experienced feelings of depression, … Read more

51+ Feeling Lost Quotes are Better than Feeling Nothing at All

51+Feeling Lost Quotes Are Better than Feeling Nothing At All

Feeling lost quotes: Firstly, do you feel like you are ditched by your partner? Are you feeling lost due to loss of wealth? Or whatever the cause is you are feeling lost. To overcome this lost feeling we have come up with selected  feeling lost quotes for you. We cry because either we want something … Read more

50+ Exclusive Sad Lonely Quotes – Loveframes

50+ Exclusive Sad Lonely Quotes - Loveframes

Sad lonely quotes: Feeling sad and lonely is a common feeling. It comes with being human. When you’re feeling sad and lonely, it might feel like the world has ended. You can’t stop thinking about how bad things are, and you can’t stop crying. You try to be happy when you are with people around, but … Read more

150 Feeling Lonely Quotes about Relationships

150 Feeling Lonely Quotes about Relationships

Feeling lonely quotes about relationships:  Loneliness is a feeling of emptyness in a relationship. When we get engrossed in work, we forget to express our feelings towards our loved ones and the other person feels neglected. These neglected feelings sometimes give the feeling of emptyness and the person starts feeling lonely. Just to avoid certain … Read more

250 Sad Quotes about Being alone – Loveframes

250 Sad Quotes about Being alone - Loveframes

Sad quotes about being alone: Loneliness is not a curse, it is a choice of an individual person. Many times it is observed that our attitude towards the world detachs ourselves away and puts us in a lonely situation. Some people like to be lonely so that they get time to talk to themselves and … Read more

25 Best Feeling Lonely on My Birthday Quotes

Feeling lonely on my birthday quotes | sad birthday quotes | lonely birthday quotes for myself

Feeling lonely on my birthday quotes: Most people dread getting older, but birthdays should be a time to celebrate life and all of the wonderful blessings we’ve been given. Even when times are tough, it’s important to find the silver lining and appreciate all that we have. On your birthday, may you be surrounded by the … Read more