150 Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends Funny

Happy anniversary wishes for friends funny: It is the best friend who understands you being funny on hia annivesary. Happy anniversary to one of the funniest, craziest, and most amazing friends anyone could ask for!

It’s hard to believe it’s already been so many years since you two tied the knot, but it’s clear that your love and bond only continue to grow stronger. Here’s to many more years of laughter, adventure, and love. Cheers!

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends Funny

Here’s to another year where we avoid killing one another.

You should make fun of your single buddies today.

YAY! You two still get along.

I’m hoping he can still contain his farts.

I’m hoping she won’t take the blankets too frequently.

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends Funny

I missed your anniversary, but thankfully Facebook remembered!

Congratulations on making it through X years of marriage! Today is the day you honor the wisest choice you ever made.

Let’s pretend we like your partner for another year, shall we?

Cheers to taking your partner’s meals for another year!

I’m so glad both of you swiped correct!

Many happy returns! Congratulations on the longest one-night stand in history!

I’m so happy your “boyfriend” didn’t desert you.

Woo! You still adore one another!

Began with a kiss; how did it come to this?

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends Funny

It appears you’ve figured it out at last: she manages the bank account and he wears the pants.

Despite all life throws at you, at least you both don’t look bad.

You have been married for [X] days, and you haven’t killed each other yet. Impressive.

Initially, there was a kiss (and after a few drinks).

The fact that you have been together for so long is quite awesome.

Although it should go without saying, keep in mind that there are no returns or refunds.

There are no returns or refunds in marriage, unlike other transactions.

Let’s rejoice that you gave up trying to find someone else!

This is something I’ve been anticipating all year.

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Special Friends Happy Anniversary Wishes For Friends Funny

The longest marriage you’ve had is your greatest achievement! You’ve achieved something, buddy.

A wedding is an amalgam of strength, love, trust, and ability to compromise. Depending on how long you’ve been married, these should go in what order?

And I used to believe you would live out your days by yourself. You are now married and old!

Your trial of a year is now complete. To proceed, please upgrade to the Parent Package!

Because they have endured pain and purchased their own jewelry, husbands with piercings are better prepared for marriage.

Here is your annual evaluation…

Congratulations for defeating the odds in your marriage.

You’ve passed the test to be the world’s ideal couple.

Here’s to taking food from one another for another year.

Even when you’re truly, extremely hungry, love each other.

I’m sorry you had to threaten to make a note of your anniversary.

May your love never run out like toilet paper.

I’m so happy you both swiped correctly.

You two are a match made in the life’s sock drawer.

I wish you could never get a divorce.

I forgot about your anniversary.

I don’t mean to seem sentimental, but I believe you two are incredible.

The couple is toad-ally wonderful.

Although it sounds corny, you two are my favorite couple.

You are the finest shrimp.

Hummus cannot be described in words. I adore you.

I adore you two with all my forking heart.

For each other, you mermaid.

You two are one in a million.

You’d be an acute triangle if you were a triangle.

Your #1 flan is me.

Despite a few obstacles, excellent work was done!

Happy anniversary from someone who has way too much knowledge of your marriage’s highs and lows!

I’m pleased to hear that you’ve been content for X years.

then you two crossed paths!

Couple Special Friends Happy Anniversary Wishes For Friends Funny

While there are many shocks in marriage, the primary surprises revolve around asking one another if they really need to do anything. Many happy returns!

The key to a successful marriage is still a mystery! Many happy returns!

I love you is the most significant phrase in a marriage.

You’re right, my love, and I apologize! Happy anniversary to you!

Being married is similar to purging all except one app from your phone.

Being married is a real eye opener, yet love is blind.

Between someone who remembers everything and someone who forgets, marriage is a wonderful tie!

No refunds are available, sorry!

You’d think that falling in love would become simpler over time. No, not at all!

Let’s commemorate the day you both decided to stop looking for someone better.

Like a Pop-Tart that has just come out of the toaster, you two are hot.

I’m very grateful that I was able to remember your anniversary.

I’m delighted you two defied the three-date guidelines.

You are lucky to have made it this far.

I’m shocked that you haven’t yet filed for divorce.

Even though it looks terrible, I did manage to get you a card.

You two are the ideal pear.

Like peanut butter and jelly, you go well together.

Even though it seems corny, you two are brilliant.

You two are made for one another.

Your gaffe was destined to happen.

I will work the dough with you two.

Couples that watch Netflix together frequently tend to stay together.

We are honoring the wisest choice you ever made today.

I’m looking forward to pretending to like your significant other for another year.

Congratulations on [X] years of marital bliss without murder.

I’m sure you’re amazed I realized it was your anniversary, but happy anniversary.

Good work! You and your spouse have been married for [X] years.

You might actually be one of the 50% of couples who succeed, in my opinion.

An anniversary of marriage is a time to celebrate a couple’s love, trust, cooperation, tolerance, and tenacity. For every year, the order is different.

Every pot is said to have a cover, and you’ve discovered yours! Congratulations!

Being married consists 99% of asking each other, “What?”

Anniversary Quotes Happy Anniversary Wishes For Friends Funny

More powerful than the Rock is your love.

She said yes, and I still can’t believe it! Enjoy your anniversary!

Many happy returns! You two are like macaroni and cheese!

Thank you for being codependent!

ou two managed to find each other out of all the weirdos on the Internet.

This serves as a yearly reminder that you are still legally wed.

I’m relieved that neither of you ghosted the other.

It’s amazing how long you’ve put up with one another.

To the best married couple I know, happy anniversary! The only married couple I am aware of.

They say that being married is like getting a box of chocolates; you never know what you’ll get!

The number of deaths in Game of Thrones is lower than your love for each of them.

In all cases of homicide, the spouse is looked at first. Observe that!

Congratulations! for yet another year, killing every spider in the house.

A lengthy union: when dating simply went too far. It’s worth it, though!

A new year of love, humor, and putting up with the in-laws is here!

Never make fun of your wife’s decisions. You belong among them!

So that I won’t have to send you a card the following year, I hope you have a nice anniversary.

Drinks are less expensive than a dinner for two, and roses are red and violets are blue.

The remaining couples frequently rediscover their spark. Typically, it’s because they mistakenly believe they’ve met someone new when, in reality, they’re merely elderly and senile.

Despite the fact that you are beginning to lose yours, keep creating beautiful memories together.

Happy anniversary to a couple whose commitment and love has frightened the hell out of everyone for so many years.Y

Fortunately, (husband name) was aware of the five magic phrases that are necessary for a happy marriage. I apologize; I’m at fault! Many happy returns!

Like a deck of cards, marriage is. You only need two hearts and a diamond to get started. By the time it’s over, you wish you had a shovel and a club! Many happy returns!

Couples Happy Anniversary Wishes For Friends Funny

You have been married for X days and haven’t yet murdered one another. Congratulations!

You two fit into my thin jeans tighter than I do!

X days of conflict over who gets to do the laundry first!

You need to be reminded every year that you are still married.

Let’s hope that the kids’ family will remain intact for another year.

I nearly imagined you becoming old by yourself, but look at you now! aged and married…

Happy anniversary to a couple whose age gap is no longer as unsettling.

You two are so devoted to one another that you create the ideal couple.

High-five couples tend to stay together.

It has been one year since I first realized when your anniversary was.

Congratulations on completing your yearlong trial. I’m hoping you decide to stay together.

Never feed each other to tigers, no matter how difficult life becomes.

Your yearly evaluation is here: overall, you two could do better, but you’re still doing okay.

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, congratulations.

Did you believe that after the first year, marriage would become simpler? WRONG! Many happy returns!

Another year of your food being stolen by “wife’s name”

Here’s to never again having a moment to yourself. Many happy returns!

Many happy returns! Just keep in mind that buying presents is less expensive than divorcing!

Many happy returns! Even though you’re beginning to lose yours, I hope you keep creating wonderful memories.

Congratulations, you two have passed the test to be the greatest couple ever!

Never go to bed furious; rather, take the couch instead, where there is more space.

Husband Happy Anniversary Wishes For Friends Funny

I occasionally ponder how you tolerate “spouse,” but then I recall that he also has to tolerate you.

The divorce rate for all marriages is 50%. Thank you for beating the odds!

You two got married because you’re both just as crazy as the other!

I suppose you two haven’t yet killed each other! You’ve got a fantastic start.

Guess there’s more to keeping you all together than just the mortgage!

Congratulations on X days of blissful marriage and without killing your spouse!

You did well to beat the marriage statistics!

Sorry you had to bring up your anniversary with me.

My sincere condolences!

You would be the ideal couple if you resided in a sock drawer!

We sincerely hope that you never need to pay for a divorce!

I hope you have a wonderful first anniversary and that I won’t ever have to think about it again.

Playing together keeps couples together.

Like a pair of skinny pants, you’re snug.

I wish you could keep making fun of each other forever.

Fact: When you’re with someone else, you have at least eight times more fun.

Drinks are less expensive than a dinner for two, and roses are red and violets are blue.

Thankfully, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t overlook your anniversary like I did.

The longest one-night stand ever, it seems, is developing here.

Happy [X] days of tolerating one another.

I hope your anniversary is filled with all the love, laughter, and happiness that you deserve. You two are the ultimate #friendshipgoals and I feel so lucky to have you both in my life. Here’s to many more years of being the best of friends, and here’s to hoping that the next [X] years are even better than the last. Happy anniversary.


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