60 Best Friend Letters that Make You Cry in 2023

Best friend letters that make you cry: Before sharing some messages or content for the letter to your best friend, I would like to give you some brief idea as how you should start writing an emotional letter to your best friend that will make them cry.

  1. First, it’s important to be genuine and authentic in your writing. Think about why this person is your best friend and what makes them special to you. Write from the heart and be honest about your feelings.
  2. Next, consider sharing specific memories or experiences that you have had together. These can be funny, poignant, or emotional, as long as they reflect the depth of your friendship.
  3. You might also want to express your appreciation for your friend and the impact they have had on your life. Let them know how much you value their presence in your life and how much they mean to you.
  4. Finally, consider ending your letter with a heartfelt expression of love and gratitude. This could be a simple “I love you” or a more elaborate declaration of your affection for your friend.

Overall, the key to writing a letter that may make your friend cry is to be sincere and express your feelings honestly and openly.

Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

Try to include the following content in the letter to your best friend, that may bring them to ears.

#1. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much you mean to me. You have been my best friend for [length of time] and I can’t even begin to express how much you have impacted my life.

Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

#2. I remember the first time we met. We were [age] and we hit it off right away. We’ve been through so much together, both the good times and the tough times. You have always been there for me, no matter what.

Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

#3. I remember the first time we met. We were [age] and we hit it off right away. We’ve been through so much together, both the good times and the tough times. You have always been there for me, no matter what.

Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

#4. I am so grateful to have you in my life. You have helped me to become the person I am today and I couldn’t have done it without you. You have always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Your support and encouragement means everything to me.

Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

#5. I love you, [Friend]. You are my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for always being there for me.

Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

Long Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

These are some of the emotional content that you can use inside your letter to your best friend and I am sure these words will bring tears to their eyes.

Nothing is worse than missing someone. Wait, maybe there is. Your best pal is absent. You’re reflecting on your past experiences and wishing you could relive those lengthy times spent together. You want to tell them that, but you are unsure of how to say it.

Fortunately, I was ready, so here is an emotional letter I wrote for your best friend that is sure to bring her to tears. She will understand after reading it how much you miss her and your time spent together. Who knows, following this letter you might find a means to visit each other more frequently.

It’s once again that time of year, my dearest and best friend. when you leave to pursue your ambitions. It’s the day of the year I detest the most, but I also enjoy it since I know you’re planning your future. You have my undying admiration for accomplishing it.

We always travel together to the airport, which is both more convenient for us and more challenging. We always have a great time while waiting for your plane, so it’s simpler. Honestly, that’s how we’ve managed to take normal images. Then we get down and discuss our recent summer together.

For instance, we primarily discussed our trip to Disneyland last summer. Although our parents insisted we were too old for that, we firmly asserted, “No one is too old for Disneyland,” and we made travel arrangements. In terms of the facts, that was the first time we defied them. The best choice I’ve ever made, in fact.

But as you depart, it becomes more difficult for me to handle. It kind of seems like you aren’t moving that far when we bid each other goodbye at your home. Reality sinks in even more when I run into you at the airport and get to see your plane take off.

That must be the inconvenience of having a closest friend who lives far away, but I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.

Your day of leaving will return tomorrow. And even though you’re still here, just a home away, I already miss you.

However, I am aware that you will have to depart when daylight arrives, and we will once more have to wait for months. Even if we’ve been doing it for a while, it never gets any simpler.

People claim that the first few weeks are when you miss someone the most. That’s not true at all, nope. Not in my situation, as I constantly miss you. from day one until day 184, when I’ll run into you at the same airport I last left you.

For the first two weeks, I feel like I’m missing you because we’ve been together every day for the past three months. As I recollect our past experiences, you somehow seem to be with me. Even while three months may seem like a long time, it is insufficient when you know your best friend won’t be around for the next six months.

After a few weeks, I start to miss you since I realize that our summer is over and there is nothing we can do but wait. However, I’m grateful to have someone who is worth waiting for. It’s so difficult to miss you, and I always feel that way, but that’s what makes our friendship special.

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Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry Tumblr

Has your best friend recently been depressed? If you want to assist her, you’re not sure what would be the best course of action. You might always begin by writing your best friend an emotional letter that would make her cry. However, those tears would be joyful ones (for once!).

She’ll be sure to feel cherished by you. And in trying times, we all require that. I’m here to assist you in finding the appropriate words in this circumstance. Look at this illustration.

my all-time favorite individual,

I am aware that lately you have been feeling down, but I am and always will be here to support you. That is the reason I’m writing you this letter.I want to give you something that will serve as a constant reminder of how wonderful and beloved you are. So kindly save it after reading it and open it once again whenever you’re feeling down.

You should not fear; I’m not writing this to make you feel bad; what I’m about to say is something that I truly believe in. Really, there are a lot of positive things I can say about your ideal self.

However, I don’t believe I would have enough room to do so in this paper, let alone thousands of them.

I’ll thus list my favorite things about you in the hopes that they would make you cry happy tears instead of sad ones.

I could never have asked for a better buddy than you. I was mistaken in thinking that such a person couldn’t possibly exist. You’re now considering what kind of person you are. The person who embodies all the best qualities one could hope for: compassion, devotion, love, kindness, intelligence, beauty, humor, strength, and reality. That sort of individual.

You are ideal to me, and people who are so exceptional typically experience a little bit more difficulty in their lives. Because the person who created us is aware of your strength and assigns you the most difficult duties. You’ll definitely complete them successfully, and each time after that, you’ll get stronger and more powerful.

But I want you to know that you’ll never be alone, no matter how difficult things get. If you need me, I’m only a phone call away and I’ll fly halfway around the world to get to you. I’m not even kidding; I’m not working out in vain.

For the rest of our life, just as you were there for me whenever I needed you, I will be there for you. The feelings you are having right now are only passing. And you must always bear it in mind. No matter how challenging it seems right now, everything will be over soon.

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Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry And Laugh

Even though it hurts and you keep asking yourself why you had to go through it, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. We’ll uncover the cause of this urge as well. Following that, things will improve and the Sun will continue to shine.

I’ll be by your side to see your newfound laughter as you’ll be happier than ever. I’ll hold your hand while we stroll across the rose field until then. We’ll assist one another in removing each and every thorn that stings. I’ve made that commitment to you, and I’ll never renege on it.

You now have written evidence of my unwavering affection for you. I know I usually say I love you, but I’ve never actually put it in writing. So preserve it—reading it together when we’re old and jaded will be amusing.

My greatest wish is to once again see you happy since you mean the world to me. Be ready for the best years of your life because I know it will happen very soon.

Bff Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

My affection for you is as deep as the ocean. It speaks to my very soul and gives me an inexplicable, unquenchable need. Your heart is so kind, your smile is so endearing, and your eyes are so stunning that they keep me awake at night. You are the only woman I will ever need and the only girl of whom I have ever fantasized. More than words can express, I adore you!

Over the past few months, our love has blossomed tremendously. I feel as though time slows down and my heart skips a beat every time I glance at you. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to get to know you.

I never thought someone could be as perfect as you are. You are my dream come true.

I don’t love you because of who you are or what you do. I can imagine myself spending the rest of my life with you since you are a special person. You are both my buddy and my lover. I consider myself really fortunate to have you as a friend.

When I declare I love you, I’m afraid it might be premature. But heed what I say when I say this. You mean everything to me, and I really do mean everything. After we split up, you helped me fall in love with love once more. You proved to me that it was simple to discover the ideal man for me. I would give anything in the world—even chocolate ice cream—to be with you in my arms.

Paragraphs Bff Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

I cherish you. I have never met somebody as stunning and cool as you. You freely give and adore, expecting nothing in return. You influence so many people without even realising it. Your heart is nice and sincere, and it is pure. I’m blessed to have you as a friend because you are selfless and nice. I adore you in every way, friend, including your flaws, and I get joy from seeing you smile. You may be sure that no matter how far apart we are, I’ll always be thinking about you.

I sometimes ponder how I managed to be so fortunate to have the friends I do. Even after all that has occurred, we continue to smile until our cheeks hurt and laugh till we cry. One look at a picture or one text is all it takes for me to experience the warmth of your friendship once more. You are my type! My rock, my confidant, my greatest buddy, and my shoulder to cry on.

That you are in my life is such a blessing. Through my darkest moments, you aided and encouraged me. No matter what, day or night, you are always there for me. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

Your friendship means the world to me and I know I would be nothing without you. I hope you know that you are my best friend forever and that I will love you no matter what.

Heart Touching Long Best Friend Letters That Make You Cry

You make great friends. You’re like a sister to me, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life to offer me guidance, solace, and a shoulder to cry on. No matter how busy or chaotic your day is, you always make time for me. I hope we will always be friends because I love you!

• You are my best friend, and there will never be another female like you in the entire world. Without you, I simply cannot picture my life. Because of everything we’ve been through together, I am even more certain that I love you with all of my heart and soul. You are an excellent person,

And I cannot imagine a single thing that could make me love you any less than I do right now. I will be there for you through everything that comes our way, even if the world is dividing.

In conclusion, a letter from a best friend that causes you to cry is a thoughtful and touching gesture that demonstrates the depth of their connection and their shared affection. It can serve as a reassuring reminder that we have someone who cares profoundly about us and that we are not alone.

A letter, whether it be one written at a happy or difficult time, can have a significant impact on our lives and strengthen our friendship. Consider writing your closest friend a touching letter that can even make them weep if you want to thank them or show your affection for them.

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