80 Best Quotes on Autism Awareness

Quotes on Autism Awareness to learn more about Autism. One thing is for sure, Autism is not hereditary. Then, why is it that the children are born Autistic?

I would like to share a fact that I have observed while being with an Autistic child.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert nor am I a  psychiatric expert. This is merely a practical experience I observed while being with Autistic child.

Fact: My brother has an Autistic daughter. She speaks very little in a vernacular language. I have seen her brought up with the television ON around her all the time. She kept on listening to English cartoon channels. When she grew up to age eight her motor skills were also very slow.

When I played badminton with her she could respond very well, because I constantly prompted her to concentrate and hit the shuttle while we were playing and she could do it. Similarly, while playing catch-catch with a tennis ball she could catch it as kept on telling her to look at the ball before you actually catch it and do it many times.

She uses very difficult English words when we communicate in English more comfortably than her vernacular language. We speak in English whenever I visit my brothers place.

My Personal Experience: Her (Child’s)  both the parents speak very little with each other and also very little with the child. They hardly fight with each other being a husband and wife. Constant communication with the child and asking them to respond to your questions is very important to conquer Autism.

Autism Awareness Quotes

Autism doesn’t have to define a person. Artists with autism are like anyone else: They define themselves through hard work and individuality. – Adrienne Bailon, Artist

It seems that for success in science or art, a dash of autism is essential. – Hans Asperger. 

Even for parents of children that are not on the spectrum, there is no such thing as a normal child. Violet Stevens 

Quotes on Autism Awareness

Autism can’t define me; I define autism. – Kerry Magro. 

Evil communication corrupts good manners. I hope to live to hear that good communication corrects bad manners. – Benjamin Banneker

If you’ve met one individual with autism, you’ve met one individual with autism. – Stephen M. Shore. 

When enough people care about autism, diabetes or global warming, it helps everyone, even if only a tiny fraction actively participate. –  Seth Godin

Autism to me is not wrong, not subhuman, not a collection of deficits; it is simply ‘other’—a nother reality. And like anything different, it’s going to jar. – Beth Silver

Mild autism doesn’t mean one experiences autism mildly. It means you experience their autism mildly. You may not know how hard they’ve had to work to get to the level they are. – Adam Walton

Quotes on Autism

Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dream? – Tim Burton. 

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. – Charles Darwin. 

The technology in making games and in making anime is really similar. These are common concepts. – Satoshi Tajiri 

Wanting to be free, wanting to be me, trying to make people see. And accept the real me. – Scott Lentine. 

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you. – Dr. Seuss. 

Within every living child exists the most precious bud of self-identity. To search this out and foster it with loving care, that is the essence of educating an autistic child. – Kiyo Kitahara

Girls are generally recognized as superior mimics. Those with Asperger’s syndrome hold back and observe until they learn the rules, then imitate their way through social situations. – Tony Attwood

Showing kindness toward those who are different, and embracing our imperfections as proof of our humanness, is the remedy for fear. – Emma Zurcher-long

On World Autism Awareness Day, we speak out against discrimination, celebrate the diversity of our global community, and strengthen our commitment to inclusion for people with autism. – Antonio Guterres

Dr. Temple Grandin Speaks On Autism

I am different, not less. – Temple Grandin. 

The world needs different kinds of minds to work together. – Temple Grandin. 

If I snap my finger and be non-autistic, I would not. Autism is part of what I am. – Temple Grandin. 

There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do. – Temple Grandin. 

I think that autistic brains tend to be specialized brains. Autistic people tend to be less social. It takes a ton of processor space in the brain to have all the social circuits. – Temple Grandin

Who do you think made the first stone spears? The Asperger’s guy. If you were to get rid of all the autism genetics, there would be no more Silicon Valley.
–  Temple Grandin

I’ve always thought of myself as a cattle-handling specialist, a college professor first; autism is secondary. Temple Grandin. 

What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done. – Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin Quotes

It’s never too late to expand the mind of a person on the autistic spectrum. – Temple Grandin. 

People are always looking for a single magic bullet that will totally change everything. There is no single magic bullet. – Temple Grandin

You’ve got to keep autistic children engaged with the world. You cannot let them tune out. – Temple Grandin. 

From a scientific standpoint, Aspergers and Autism are one syndrome. Aspergers is part of the autism spectrum, not a separate disorder.  –Temple Grandin

From a scientific standpoint, Asperger’s and autism are one syndrome. Aspergers is part of the autism spectrum, not a separate disorder. Temple Grandin

The most interesting people you’ll find are ones that don’t fit into your average cardboard box. They’ll make what they need; they’ll make their own boxes. –Temple Grandin

When I was younger, I was looking for this magical meaning of life. It’s very simple now. Making the lives of others better, doing something of lasting value. That’s meaning of life; it’s that simple. –Temple Grandin

Quotes about Autism Acceptance for Moms

Your child is the same person before the autism diagnosis as they are after the diagnosis. Your lifestyle and actions may change, but your love for them never will. – Alicia Trautwein

People ask what the hardest thing is about having an autistic child, and for me, the answer is easy. What mom doesn’t want to hear her baby tell her that he loves her or to feel his arms around her? – Kristene Barnett

Autism is part of my childhood. It’s not everything he is. My child is so much more than a diagnosis. – S.L. Coelho

Autism doesn’t come with an instruction guide. It comes with a family who will never give up. – Kerry Magro. 

I am a proud parent of a child with autism. I have more to worry about than your opinion. Don’t judge what you don’t know.

Autism does not define my child, but it’s part of who he is. When society understands this, then my life will be easier. Frances Vega-Costas

Hope is the greatest thing for moms of autisms. Hope is what gets us out of bed in the morning. I’m on a mission to tell parents that there is a way. – Jenny McCarthy

As a mother, I will never give up on my child. As the mother of a child who has autism, I will never give up hope. I look into his eyes, and I see all the potential he has to offer to this beautiful world and just know that one day the world will see what I see.

Even for parents of children that are not on the spectrum, there is no such thing as a normal child. – Violet Steven, Mom. 

Autism Love Quotes

Autism: Where the “randomness of life” collides and clashes with an individual’s need for the sameness. Eileen Miller

Why Fit in when you were born to standout?  – Dr. Seuss. 

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I were neurotypical because I would have been interested in social things. Having a little autism helped me achieve my goals and not miss what most people thought I was missing out on. – Evan Delaney Rodgers, Autistic Politician

Do not fear people with Autism, embrace them, Do not spite people with Autism unite them, Do not deny people with Autism accept them, for then their abilities will shine – Paul Isaacs

Quotes on Autism Awareness

When you see an object, it seems that you see it as an entire thing first, and only afterwards do its details follow on. But for people with autism, the details jump straight out at us first of all, and then only gradually, detailed by detail, does the whole image float up into focus. – Naoki Higashida

I’ve learned that every human being, with or without disabilities, needs to strive to do their best, and by striving for happiness you will arrive at happiness. For us, you see, having autism is normal—so we can’t know for sure what your “normal” is even like. But so long as we can learn to love ourselves, I’m not sure how much it matters whether we’re normal or autistic. – Naoki Higashida, author of The Reason I Jump

Autism Parent Quotes

It seems that for success in science or art, a dash of autism is essential. – Hans Asperger. 

Autism is as much a part of humanity as is the capacity to dream. Kathleen Seidel. 

Think of it: a disability is usually defined in terms of what is missing.… But autism … is as much about what is abundant as what is missing, an over-expression of the very traits that make our species unique. – Paul Collins, Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism

I myself am opaque, for some reason. Their eyes cannot see me. Yes, that’s it: The world is autistic with respect to me. – Anne Nesbet, The Cabinet of Earths

The difference between high-functioning and low-functioning is that high-functioning means your deficits are ignored, and low-functioning means your assets are ignored. Laura Tisoncik

I do not suffer from Autism, but I do suffer from the way you treat me. – Tyler Durdin. 

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it is about learning to dance in the rain. –Vivian Greene

Quotes about Autism Awareness

I see people with Asperger’s syndrome as a bright thread in the rich tapestry of life. – Tony Attwood.

Autism offers a chance for us to glimpse an awe-filled vision of the world that might otherwise pass us by. – Dr. Colin Zimbleman

Forget about the things they can’t do and focus on what they can. Everyone is much more than a diagnosis written on paper. – Unknown

Autism is not a puzzle, not a disease. Autism is a challenge, but certainly not a devastating one. – Trisha Van Berkel

Just because we may want to be by ourselves at times, doesn’t mean we don’t care about you. – Unknown

It seems that for success in science and art, a dash of autism is essential. – Hans Asperger. 

When I was very young I thought I was just like everyone else. I think it took me longer than most to realize I was different and even longer to realize that being different was what made me great. – Tina Richardson 

Autism Quotes

So is there a cure? I asked. ‘It’s not a disease,” he explained. ‘It doesn’t need curing. It’s just how you are. – John Robison

To measure the success of our societies, we should examine how well those with different abilities, including persons with autism, are integrated as full and valued members. – Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

Please don’t ignore us, or look the other way when we approach you. Doing that to us will not make us or our disability go away. We didn’t have a choice about our disability, but you definitely have a choice in how you accept us! – Annie Forts 

I may have been born different and misunderstood from birth, but I know there is a place for me, somewhere in this universe. – Alyson Bradley 

Not everything that steps out of line, and thus abnormal, must necessarily be inferior. Hans Aspberger. 

Remember a person with Autism isn’t a set of symptoms or statistics, always remember and remind them that they’re a person first. Paul Isaacs 

But had Minkowski and Einstein not recognized it long before us, our schizophrenic children would have taught us that space-time is a unity that precedes any separate understanding of either category; just as grasping this unity is a precondition for understanding causality.  Bruno Bettelheim, Empty Fortress  

Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while discouragement often nips it in the bud. Alex F. Osborn 

Autism Daughter Quotes

Your children need your presence more than your presents.  Jesse Jackson. 

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. Angela Schwindt

It is my understanding that when you receive an Autism diagnosis for your child you have to accept it. If you don’t you are only condemning yourself and your child to a life of frustrating misery.  – E J Plows

A child with autism is not ignoring you; they are simply waiting for you to enter their world.

I don’t need autism awareness; autism acceptance will do just fine. – J iheishou Daigakusha

Children with autism are colorful, they are often very beautiful, and like a rainbow, they stand out. – Adele Devine

You see, you are only one person; therefore, capable of making a ridiculously enormous difference in the world. – Unknown

Autism is not a disability. It is a different ability. – Stuart Duncan. 

I treasure my meetings with the individuals affected by autism – parents, children, teachers, and friends. They deserve all possible opportunities for education, employment, and integration. – Ban Ki-Moon

It shouldn’t matter how slowly some children learn as long as we are encouraging them not to stop. – Robert John Meehan

Quotes on Autism Awareness

Children with special needs should be given the best we as educators have to offer. They deserve the best practices, learning environment, material, and technology, coupled with the highest expectations for their success.

Sometimes all a parent needs is to know the impossible is possible. Hope goes a long way when it comes to autism. – Unknown

If you ask 99.9 percent of parents who have children with autism if we’d rather have measles vs. autism, we’d sign up for measles. – Jenny McCarthy

The best thing a special education teacher brings to work are their heart and authenticity. – Amanda Friedman. 

I worked for a while as a teaching assistant while I was struggling. I really enjoyed working with kids with special needs and autism. It takes a hell of a lot of concentration. And you’ve got to focus on the child properly seven days a week. – Joseph Mawle

Most people don’t realize that special education teachers are really angels, disgusted as extraordinary humans. – Unknown

Parents with autistic children need the support of the entire family. Sometimes siblings react negatively because they find it hard to admit their problems to friends. They suffer socially and try to keep away from their autistic brothers and sisters. – Sabiha Hossain  

At the end, I would say that these quotes on autism awareness serve as powerful tools in promoting understanding and acceptance of individuals with autism. They remind us of the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive society where everyone is valued and respected, regardless of their abilities. By spreading awareness, we can help break down the barriers and misconceptions that surround autism and create a more inclusive world for those who live with it.

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