100 Best Quotes about Driving Safe at High Speeds

Quotes about driving: Driving is a passion for many of the members of the family. People love driving and go out for long distance driving pleasure.

Youngsters love fast driving, but with freedom comes the duties.

Hence, every one must drive the vehicle keeping all the traffic rules and regulations without disturbing the other traffic on road. Just as a reminder of the same, here are some quotes for driving lovers.

Quotes about Driving

“The best way to learn to drive is to do it.”

Quotes About Driving | safe driving quotes

“Driving is the ultimate form of self-expression.”

“A driver is only as good as his or her equipment.”

“Driving is the universal language.” – Oscar Levant

“I used to be a terrible driver. Now I’m a great driver.”

“The best way to avoid accidents is to drive defensively.”

“The best way to avoid accidents is to not drive.” – James J. Hill

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

“If you want to go fast, drive in the other direction.” – Mario Andretti

“The car has become an extension of our own personality.” – Gene Baur

“People get in their cars and they think they’re the only ones on the road.

“The best way to avoid driving is to not get into a car.” – Anatole France

“The best way to ensure safe driving is to maintain excellent equipment.”

Safe Driving Quotes

“We always hope for the best and preparing for the worst when it comes to driving.

“Never stop learning. You never know when your driving skills will come in handy.”

“It’s not about the car; it’s about the person behind the wheel.” – Henry Ford.

Quotes about Driving | Safe Driving Quotes

“You can always control how fast you go, but you can’t control how fast the train goes.

“Motivation is something you get when you don’t expect it and then you keep getting it.

“You can’t control the speed of the train, but you can control the speed of your thoughts.”

“Driving is a serious responsibility. It’s a privilege to be able to use our machines for transportation.”

“Driving is one of the great pleasures in life. It’s a simple, fundamental way to connect with the world.

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Drive Safely Quotes

“The automobile has done more to liberate women than anything in the last hundred years.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“In the U.S., the average driver spends 2 hours per day in their car. That’s equal to almost 5,000 hours over a lifetime.

“The automobile has done more to dissolve the social and human relationships of the past than any other invention.

“I’ve never understood people who say they don’t like driving. It’s the best way to see the world.” – Jackie Kennedy Onassis

“The biggest mistake people make is thinking that driving is a one-way street. It’s not. It’s an open dialog” – Shane Koyczan

“A car is not a transportation device. It’s a way to get from Point A to Point B as quickly and efficiently as possible.” – Steve Jobs

Drive Safe Quotes

“The ability to drive means the ability to go from point A to point B. The ability to go from point A to point B quickly and efficiently is one of the most important skills a person can have.

“I think people are underestimating how important it is to have a good driving record. It’s not just about getting a license, it’s about understanding the road.

“The best drivers are not the ones who can go the fastest. The best drivers are the ones who can go the slowest and still get to their destination.” – Mario

Andretti” We’re all creatures of habit, and it takes a lot to break that cycle. It can be tough to get out of our comfort zone and try something new.” – Sarah Eger, CEO and Founder, Apptitude

Safety Driving Quotes

“If you want to escape, drive.” – Shane Snow

“No amount of walking can replace the joy of driving.”

Quotes about Driving | Driving Quotes

“The best way to handle stress is to turn off your engine.

“It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get a back up.

“The best way to get out of a tight spot is to move the car.” – John F. Kennedy.

“When you’re behind the wheel, the world is yours. Nothing can stop you.” – Mario Andretti.

“The best way to get rid of something is to put it in storage and forget about it.” – Woody Allen.

“It’s not whether you hit your target. It’s whether you hit your target while everybody else is shooting.” – Colonel Sanders

“The biggest deterrent to driving is the fear of traffic. If you’re not afraid of traffic, you should be.” – Shane Snow

“A car is like a small apartment – you can put all your stuff in it, and it’ll take you anywhere you want to go.” -Jerry Seinfeld

“I think driving is an addiction. I think people get addicted to the feeling of power they have while driving.

“Driving is the best form of exercise there is. It keeps your body in shape, your mind alert, and your emotions in check.” -Shane Snow

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Driving Safe Quotes

“You can’t be productive if you’re not moving.

“The best way to avoid accidents is to drive slowly.

“Driving fast is the ultimate show of power.” – Ramona Singer

“You can’t drive fast if you’re going to piddle.” – Dean Martin

“Drive fast, live fast. That’s the way to go.” – Steve McQueen

“A fast car means you’re happy. A slow car means you’re unhappy.

“You can’t control how fast you’re going, but you can control how you drive.

“No matter how fast you drive, there’s always someone going faster.” – Mario Andretti

“There is no substitute for speed in the world of business.” – John D. Rockefeller.

Quotes about Driving

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African proverb

“A driver is someone who takes other people to their destination as safely and efficiently as possible.

“You can’t drive your car if your foot is on the gas pedal and your mind is on the radio.” – American Proverbs.

“The quality of a company’s product is directly proportional to the rate at which it can turn out new products.” – Sam Walton.

“The ability to go fast is a basic human need, one that we all share. It’s one of the things that makes us human.” – John F. Kennedy.

“People who drive fast are generally reckless and dangerous. It takes a lot more than just fast reflexes to be a good driver – you need to have good judgment, too.

Quote about Driving Safe

“The worst thing you can do is drive uncontrollably.

“The best way to avoid a serious accident is to drive defensively.”

“You can’t be in control if you’re not in the driver’s seat.” – Brett Ratner

“If you’re not driving, you’re just a passenger.” – Mario Andretti

“If you’re not driving your car, you’re driving somebody else’s car.

“When it comes to driving, it’s all about being prepared for anything.

“A safe driver is one who knows when to drive and when to stop.” – O.J. Simpson

“Always remember, the key to driving safely is a calm, cool head.” – Norman Lear.

“The best way to avoid a crash isn’t to be a perfect driver. You have to drive defensively.” – Edmunds.com.

“No matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance that you could get into an accident. The best way to minimize this risk is to drive defensively.

“The most important thing you can do to stay safe on the road is drive defensively. There are a lot of things you can do to minimize the risks you take while driving, from using seat belts to following the rules of the road.”

“One of the most important things that you can do to stay safe on the road is to obey the rules of the road. These may seem obvious, but many people disregard them, which can lead to serious consequences.” – Douglas Crockford, computer scientist and security analyst

Movie quotes about safe driving

Many movie quotes about driving encapsulate the spirit of the open road and the freedom that can be found when driving. Here are a few to get you started:

“I’m not driving if I can’t have some fun.”

“There’s no place like home… except for the other place.

“If you want to live a life of quiet desperation, drive a car.”

“Dude, if you’re not in the driver’s seat, you’re the passenger.”

“A lot of people drive their lives. I drive my car.” – Frank Sinatra.

“I like to drive. I can think. When I’m behind the wheel, I’m at peace.” – Oscar Wilde.

“You know, I used to think that driving was just a way to get from point A to point B. But now I know it’s so much more than that.

Funny Quotes about Driving

“The best way to avoid driving is to not get in a car.” – Will Rogers

“A driver needs two things: a destination and a driver.” – Unknown

“If you want to see the future, drive to the past.

Quote about Driving Safe

Don’t worry, driving is a skill that will never go out of style. Here are some funny driving quotes that will make you smile.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of funny driving quotes to keep you amused while on the road. Here are some of our favorites:

Here are a few funny quotes about driving that make for entertaining reading. Let’s take a look at a few of them and see how they apply to the topic at hand.

There’s no need to be a great driver to have a great time behind the wheel – just be a good one. Here are some funny driving quotes that will have you laughing out loud.

Funny Driving Quotes

If you find yourself behind the wheel of a car, odds are you’ll come across one or more funny quotes about driving. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

“If you think driving is tough, try flying.”

“The best way to avoid driving is to not get into a car.”

“If you want to live a long and happy life, learn how to drive.”

“Why not? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

“People who drive slow always think they’re going to get there on time. People who drive fast always think they’re going to get there early.”

Safe Driving Quote

“Driving is one of the greatest escapes we have had.

“Driving is the perfect way to completely disconnect from the world.” – Gillian Anderson

“You’re not distracted like you would be if you were on your phone or something like that.

“Driving is one of the few activities where you can be alone and not feel alone.” – Shane Koyczan

“Driving is one of the few things in life where you can be alone, without anyone judging you.

“Driving is the perfect way to clear your head and focus on the task at hand.” – Dan Buettner.

“I find that when I’m driving, I’m more focused and my brain is working at its best.” – Arianna Huffington

“I never really thought about it before, but it really does help to clear your mind when you’re driving.” – Ashley Graham

‘There’s something about driving that feels special. It’s the only time when you’re entirely in control.” – Tommy Hilfiger

As we navigate the winding roads of life, let these quotes about driving serve as more than mere expressions of vehicular motion. They are metaphors for the journey we all undertake, where every turn and detour is a lesson, every obstacle a challenge and every open road an opportunity.

So, fasten your seatbelt, embrace the unpredictable route ahead, and let these words be the fuel that propels you toward the horizon of your aspirations. After all, in the symphony of existence, may your drive be the melody that resonates with purpose, passion, and the exhilarating rhythm of the open road.