99 Beautiful River Quotes in English | Time is Like a River Quotes

Beautiful River Quotes in English: Rivers have different moods as the way they flow. You must have seen aggressive river that flows at high speed making whistling noise. This river seems very scary. Some rivers flow fast but do not make noise. Others are calm and quiet.

Some of the beautiful river quotes are gathered here for your reference. As the time goes away so does the river hence we call  it a time is like a river quotes. These river quotes can be used for posting on Instagram. Life keeps on flowing like a river. Sometimes you are looking for an amusing river quote for Instagram. If so, these are for you!

Beautiful River Quotes in English

“Sometimes there’s just no way to hold back the river.” – Paulo Coelho.

“Time flows away like the water in the river.” – Confucius.

“River is time in water; as it came, still so it flows, yet never is the same.” – Barten Holyday

“It is from small streams that big rivers rise.” – Matshona Dhliwayo.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi. Beautiful river quotes!

“A winter message from the river: Never surrender! Life can try to stop you, but somehow you will find a way to flow!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

Time is Like a River Quotes

The River Doesn’t Carry Water, it is a life line of this planet EARTH – Love Frames.

“Who hears the rippling of rivers will not utterly despair of anything.” – Henry David Thoreau

“Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.” – Justin Timberlake.

“Everything is change; and you cannot step twice into the same river.” – Mary Renault

“You can no more read the same book again than you can step into the same river.” – Neil Gaiman

“The sun shines not on us but in us. The Rivers flow not past, but through us.” – John Muir.

“Never test the depth of river with both the feet.” – Warren Buffett

“Yesterday’s gone on down the river and you can’t get it back.” – Larry McMurtry.

“The river asked me who I was to be gazing so longingly into her curving body of cascading dreams and shifting beauty.” – Todd Crawshaw

“I choose to listen to the river for a while, thinking river thoughts, before joining the night and the stars.” – Edward Abbey

“What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn’t have any doubt it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn’t want to go anywhere else.” – Hal Boyle

“He who does not know his way to the sea should take a river for his guide.” – Blaise Pascal.

“He used to often say there was only one Road; that it was like a great river: its springs were at every doorstep, and every path was its tributary.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

River Quotes in English

“The river was so blue it seemed to be breathing.” – Brian Morton

“A good river is nature’s life work in song.” – Mark Helprin.

“I thought how lovely and how strange a river is…” – Aidan Chambers.

“Life is like a river. The way of life is to flow with the current. To turn against it takes effort, but the current will carry you if you let it.”

“Life is like a river. Let it flow in its own way. Never try to control it.” – Shobana Rajasundaram

“A river is water is its loveliest form, rivers have life and sound and movement and infinite of variation, rivers are veins of the earth through which the lifeblood returns to the heart.” – Roderick Haig-Brown

“Life is much like a river. I can’t determine where the river comes from or where it’s flowing to. But I can immerse myself in it as it’s flowing by me.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

“The river is such a tranquil place, a place to sit and think of romance and the beauty of nature, to enjoy the elegance of swans and the chance of a glimpse of a kingfisher.” – Jane Wilson-Howarth

“I have never seen a river that I could not love. Moving water…has a fascinating vitality. It has power and grace and associations. It has a thousand colors and a thousand shapes, yet it follows laws so definite that the tiniest streamlet is an exact replica of a great river.” – Roderick Haig Brown

Meaningful Deep River Quotes

“Hitch a ride on the river of life.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

“Life in us is like the water in a river.” – Henry David Thoreau

“A river doesn’t just carry water, it carries life.” – Amit Kalantri.

“For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.” – Khalil Gibran.

“In the harmonious synthesis of the opposite ends of the river, flows the stream of happiness.” – Awdhesh Singh

“Life is like a river. It will either drag you with its flow, or you can learn to surf. Choice is yours.” – Nitin Kishore Rawat

“I understand that everything is connected, that all roads meet, and that all rivers flow into the same sea.” – Paulo Coelho

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no force and no holding back, the way it is with children.” – Rainer Maria Rilke.

“Rivers flow not past, but through us; tingling, vibrating, exciting every cell and fiber in our bodies, making them sing and glide.“  – John Muir.

“Like a house that has a home and a river that flows, so does love become when you open your heart, even when the lights go out or the flow encounters rocks.” – Goitsemang Mvula

“The River of Life has no meaning, no good, no bad, no better, no worse, no love, no hate, no fear, no anger, no joy. The River of Life has no judgment, no expectation. The River of Life just IS.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Deep River Quotes

“Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.” – Crystal Middlemas.

“One can flow harmoniously with the River – or one can struggle fearfully against the River – and the River just flows.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

These quotes about the river and love show how the two things share some similarities. Or at least lots of people like to compare them.

“Our love was a river, always changing under the mercy of nature’s elements, but we continued to flow, even when we trickled.” – Shannon A. Thompson

“Love is a choice. It’s a decision.’ She told us, “It flows into, through, and out of each person like a river. If you try to stop it, it’ll sneak around until it finds another heart and breaks through.” – Charles Martin

“The flowing river nonchalantly reminds us of life: flowing relentlessly; flowing purposelessly. Life without purpose.” – Girdhar Joshi.

“Surrender to the flow of the River of Life, yet do not float down the river like a leaf or a log. While neither attempting to resist life nor to hurry it, become the rudder and use your energy to correct your course to avoid the whirlpools and undertow.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Clean River Quotes

“Wondering if you are in love is like the river wondering if it is water.”

“Don’t push the river, it will flow. Don’t push the love, it will grow.”

“Love is a river. Drink from it.” – Rumi.

“Love is the world’s river of life.” – Henry Ward Beecher.

“Love is the river of life in the world.” – Henry Ward Beecher.

“Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.” – Crystal Middlemas

“Love without trust is a river without water.” – Harbhajan Singh Yogi.

“I am in love, and the river is beginning to ice over. I’d better go drown myself before I freeze to death.” – Dark Jar Tin Zoo

Funny River Quotes

“Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” – Mark Twain

“Floating on the river, killin’ my liver.”

“What happens at the river stays at the river.”

“When you go out in a boat you don’t want to get that sinking feeling.” – Anthony T.Hincks

“I live in a van, down by the river!” – Chris Farley.

“Some drink deeply from the river of knowledge. Others only gargle.” – Woody Allen

Life is Like a River Quotes

“The night. The stars. The river.” – Edward Abbey

“Cross the river by feeling for stones.” – Deng Xiaoping

“Don’t push the river. I’ll just go with it.” – Alysia Reiner

”A river doesn’t just carry water, it carries life.” – Amit Kalantri

“A good river is nature’s life work in song.” – Mark Helprin

“A river is easier to channel than to stop.” – Brandon Sanderson

“The river of knowledge has no depth.” – Chinonye J. Chidolue

“Like the river, keep on flowing.” – Avijeet Das.

“Hope is a continuous flowing river.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loren Eiseley

“If the earth is a mother, then rivers are her veins.” – Amit Kalantri

“We steer the boat, we don’t alter the river.” – J. Earp.

“The river looked miles and miles across.” – Mark Twain

“A river unneeded still finds its way down to the ocean.” – Will Advise

“The only way to understand a river is to jump into it.” – Alice Hoffman

“Be like a river. Be open. Flow.” – Julie Connor.

“Live like a mighty river.” – Gautama Buddha.

“Don’t try to steer the river.” – Deepak Chopra. Beautiful river quotes!

“A river has many curves, but it always reaches the ocean.” – Donald L. Hicks

Be Like a River Quotes

“A river will find its path to the ocean, be positive and be focused” – P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“Do not despise the water droplets that you receive. Soon, they will be a river.” – Bruce Mbanzabugabo

“A boat can cross a river, a ship can cross a sea, and a soul can cross the universe.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

“Patience is the river that finds its way to the sea, by flowing through many confluences.” – Mladen Đorđević

“Learn from a river; obstacles may force it to change its course, but never its destination.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

“Witnessing is not flowing with the current of the river but observing the flow from the bank of the river.” – Amit Ray

There are a lot of quotes that are also inspirational. If you are looking for a quote about rivers that inspires this is the list for you.

“Rivers never go in reverse. So try to live like a river. Forget about your past and focus on your future.”

“The river embraces me and guides me to swim inside her and to drink the nectar of love from her bosom. She tells me her secrets and I tell her mine.” – Avijeet Das

On the Rainy River Quotes

“What you give away comes back to you in a river.” – Robin Sharma.

“With heavy rainfall, the river will overflow its banks. This is the spirit of gratitude; the more grateful you are, the more your life overflow with abundance.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

“The river is constantly turning and bending and you never know where it’s going to go and where you’ll wind up. Following the bend in the river and staying on your own path means that you are on the right track. Don’t let anyone deter you from that.” – Eartha Kitt

Flow Like a River Quotes

“No water, no life. No blue, no green.” – Sylvia Earle.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi

“The wave does not need to die to become water. She is already water.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” – Leonardo Da Vinci. Beautiful river quotes!

“A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.” – Lucy Larcom

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” – Jacques Cousteau.

“Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.” – Christopher Morley

“When I sit here by the sea and listen to the sound of waves, I feel free from all obligations and people of this world.” – Henry Thoreau