John McEnroe Quotes “You Can Not Be Serious” 2021

John McEnroe Quotes from his book “You Can Not Be Serious”. It is almost 40 years from now, this line “You Can Not Be Serious” became popular in the game of tennis. That was the line when John McEnroe screamed at the Wimbledon umpire while disputing a line call.

John McEnroe has been labled as superbrat by British tabloid media for his verbal volleys at previous Wimbledon matches. He screamed “You Can Not Be Serious” that the ball was on the line. The umpire announced that he is going to announce a point against McEnroe. It made little difference in the end as McEnroe won in straight sets with his final victory over Bjorn Borg. Later John McEnroe wrote a book with the title “You Can Not Be Serious” and his other publication an autobiography with the title “But Seriously”.

Some of the lines from his book “You Can Not Be Serious” are mentioned for reference as a token of love for John McEnroe.

John McEnroe Quotes From “You Can Not Be Serious”

“Tony Palafox drilled it into me: Be ready for the next shot. Know what you’re going to do next. As a result, because of my talent, my mental preparation, and a reasonable state of conditioning. I always figured that for two hours it was going to be a real pain in the behind to play me—and that 90 to 95 percent of the time, my matches weren’t going to last more than two hours. ― John McEnroe

When they went longer, I became much more vulnerable, because I wasn’t in the amazing physical condition of a Borg or a Lendl; even then, my ability, my intensity, and my desire would always take me a long way. I’m a fighter. I’m going to hang in there and win a lot of my matches.” ― John McEnroe

“The final score was 6–4, 6–2, 6–3. I gave young Andre a hug at the net, and said, “Why did you listen so well?” ― John McEnroe


John McEnroe Quotes "You Can Not Be Serious" 2021

John McEnroe Quotes From “You Can Not Be Serious”

“And very few people have great natural ability. Everyone else—and this is true of most players these days—is in the middle: On a given day, a guy is a world-beater, then the next day he’s just not there.” ― John McEnroe

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“You Can Not Be Serious” – John McEnroe

“For fifteen years, I had been a presence—terrible or wonderful, but never boring—at Wimbledon, stirring conversation and controversy even when I didn’t show up. In my own inimitable way, and without even willing it, I had become part of Wimbledon’s tradition.” ― John McEnroe 

“Arthur and I had had our differences, even our clashes, but I’d had a huge amount of respect for him as a man, a black man, and a positive force for world tennis. ― John McEnroe 

I realized too late that he was the greatest ambassador our sport had ever had, and I was determined to try to do better myself.” ― John McEnroe 

“It was as if Chang had read right through me: He’s lost a step. He can’t get back fast enough. The helplessness was terrible. However, I still took pride in the fact that opponents—even the young bucks—were always very up when they played me. Maybe I was a notch in their belts; maybe they felt, This guy’s a prick; I’ll show him. I like to think it was because I was a great champion.” ― John McEnroe

“I wouldn’t have told this to a soul back then, but as early as my first Wimbledon in ’77, I realized I had the potential to be the very best: the best tennis player in the world. I confirmed it for myself as I rose through the rankings. But then, more and more, the problem became that almost everybody was somebody I shouldn’t lose to. The pressure became incomprehensible.” ― John McEnroe

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Famous Quotes By John McEnroe Quotes

“My shtick, of course, was getting upset. Did it help me more than hurt me? I don’t think so. Ultimately, my father was right—I probably would have done better if I hadn’t ever gotten into that. But I could never rest easily on my talent—or on anything. If I was ahead a service break, I liked to try to make it two—or three. I was always a better front-runner than a comeback player, because I could keep the doubts at bay when I was ahead, but they tended to seep in when I fell behind.” ― John McEnroe

“And I want you to understand: I felt terrible. I’ve felt awful virtually every time I’ve had one of my on-court meltdowns, with the exception of a few occasions when I really believed I needed to let someone have it. ― John McEnroe

But those really are the exceptions. I’ve apologized a number of times afterward to umpires and the players. And to anyone out there who felt they deserved an apology but didn’t get one: I apologize now.” ― John McEnroe

“when you’re young, you feel invulnerable. I don’t feel invulnerable anymore.” ― John McEnroe


John McEnroe Quotes "You Can Not Be Serious" 2021

“You can not be serious” Creator: Joel Ford | Credit: Getty Images

“Where money and publicity meet, there’s always excitement, but good behavior is rarely a part of the mix. Manners are the operating rules of more stable systems. I got caught up in the rising excitement of pro tennis—in some ways, I was the personification of that excitement—and yes, my behavior got away from me. That’s a big subject.” ― John McEnroe

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John McEnroe Quotes for “You Can Not Be Serious”

“Two days later, Michael Stich and I won the darkness-delayed doubles final against Jim Grabb and Richey Reneberg, 5–7, 7–6, 3–6, 7–6, and 19–17. It was the longest Wimbledon final ever, in terms of games—eighty-three!—and the energy of the crowd, which had been let in for free on the extra day, made me forget how tired and stiff I actually was. Not too shabby for an old man.” ― John McEnroe   

“To me, “manners” meant sleeping linesmen at Wimbledon, and bowing and curtsying to rich people with hereditary titles who didn’t pay any taxes. Manners meant tennis clubs that demanded you wear white clothes, and cost too much money to join, and excluded blacks and Jews and God knows who else. Manners meant the hush-hush atmosphere at tennis matches, where excitement of any kind was frowned upon.” ― John McEnroe

“Why couldn’t the game be more accessible to the average person? Why shouldn’t tennis get the same kind of treatment—and interest—as baseball, basketball, or football?” ― John McEnroe

In between rounds at Wimbledon in 1982, I struggled to learn David Bowie’s “Suffragette City” and “Rebel, Rebel” in my hotel flat. I heard a knock on my door. It was David Bowie. “Come up and have a drink,” he told me. “Just don’t bring your guitar.” ― John McEnroe

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Best John McEnroe Quotes

“Week by week, I was rising to new heights, and when you ascend that quickly, and at such an early age, the oxygen doesn’t always flow to your brain.” ― John McEnroe

“I always had to fight to find my best self, to be aware of other people’s feelings—and the devil’s bargain of it is, the players who are more aware of others struggle more. Boris Becker was like that, too. We would have brilliant moments on the court and total meltdowns. There was just too much going on inside.” ― John McEnroe

“It was the end of my marriage and the end of my tennis career, both at the same time, and almost nobody knew about it except Tatum and me. I felt as though the bottom had dropped out of the world. I couldn’t go on, but I had to go on. In Paris, I was literally crying on the changeovers. I would put my head in a towel and fake being angry.” ― John McEnroe

“I firmly believe that one of the hallmarks of a champion—any champion—is the ability to absorb losses and regain confidence immediately.” ― John McEnroe

“Once you’ve put in the work, though, the game becomes extremely mental. I had enough inner strength to know I could beat anyone at all, anytime, on any surface. But behind my defenses were some very dark places. There was always a devil inside me whom I had to fight. And the devil was fear of failure.” ― John McEnroe

“Tennis really is single combat, and it’s exhausting to be a gladiator.” ― John McEnroe

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