61 Broken Hearted Quotes Short: Feeling Dejected

Broken Hearted Quotes Short: Happiness is not only the emotion and the phase the life goes through. Sadness is also a part of life. One has to face it like a strong person and move on in life. Where there is love there you are bound to get heart broken feelings sometime in life time. You have to come out of this feeling of dejection and feel good. These broken heart quotes will help you to come out of this feeling of dejection.

Feeling Dejected Quotes & Sayings

One day you’re going to remember me and how much I loved you… then you’re gonna hate yourself for letting me go. -Aubrey Drake Graham

Don’t cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won’t let you see the stars. – Violeta Parra

A broken heart is just the growing pains necessary so that you can love more completely when the real thing comes along. – J.S.B. Morse

Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for. – Mandy Hale

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It is strange how often a heart must be broken before the years can make it wise. – Sara Teasdale

61 Broken Hearted Quotes Short: Feeling Dejected

Listen to God with a broken heart. He is not only the doctor who mends it but also the father who wipes away the tears. – Criss Jami

I’d rather love a million times and have my heart broken every time, than hold a permanently empty heart forever. – H.C. Paye

Every time your heart is broken, a doorway cracks open to a world full of new beginnings, new opportunities. – Patti Roberts

And anything that might hurt me would just make me stronger in the end. – Elizabeth Eulberg

Broken Heart Quotes

Sad? Depressed? Heartbroken? Cheated on? Treated badly by a man? Don’t worry…There’s a Taylor Swift song for that

I am severely overwhelmed by everything. It’s come to a point where even small tasks make me feel like breaking down and crying. Everything is just too much for me now.

My heart aches completely, every hour, every day, and only when I’m with you does the pain go away.

I’ve been heartbroken. I’ve broken hearts. That’s part of life, and it’s part of figuring out who you are so you can find the right partner.

I have no motivation, I have nothing to look forward to, just broken promises broken dreams stupid lies ugly truths I just want to lay in bed and never get up.

Fight it, or accept it. Fear it, or control it.- Broken Hearted Quotes Short

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True love? I used to believe it existed, but when you’ve had your heart torn out and thrown on the floor, you just don’t care anymore.. Ask me why I keep on loving.

I’ve cried severally hoping my tears would bring you back but I realize you are never coming back, it hurts but I’ll get better with time!

Until this moment, I had not realized that someone could break your heart twice, along the very same fault lines.

You aren’t a machine with broken parts. You are an animal whose needs are not being met.

When your heart is broken you plant seeds in the cracks and wait for rain. – Broken Hearted Quotes Short

Broken Hearted Quotes Short

I’m really a very happy, contented little person in spite of my broken heart.

There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it. – Shannon L. Alder

Just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean I don’t love you -Cecily von Ziegesar

If only you would come back and see what damage you create, I’ve been waiting for your return forever more. – Mehek Bassi

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option. – Mark Twain

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see the woman you love, the one woman you would do anything to protect, is the woman who is afraid of you. – Mallika Nawal

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A tormented mind wants to forget, what a broken heart will always remember. – Anthony Liccione

No matter how bad your heart is broken, the world doesn’t stop for your grief. – Faraaz Kazi

Every broken heart has screamed at one time or another, “I want to know why! – Shannon L. Alder

Never let a bad person change your inner goodness. – Karen Salmansohn

When love is real it doesn’t lie, cheat or make you feel unwanted. – Broken Hearted Quotes Short

Heart Touching Broken Hearted Quotes

The darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest tomorrow. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Sooner or later we’ve all got to let go of our past. – Dan Brown

Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over. – Guy Finley

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. – J.P. Morgan

61 Broken Hearted Quotes Short: Feeling Dejected

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass – It’s about learning how to dance in the rain. – Vivian Greene

Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future. – Daphne Rose Kingma

Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow. – Ron Hubbard

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Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes just be an illusion. – Javan

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. – Mark Twain

Sadness flies away on the wings of time. -Jean de La Fontaine 

A final comfort that is small, but not cold: The heart is the only broken instrument that works. — T.E. Kalem

When you have your heart broken for the first time, you gain depth. – Sienna Miller

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.– Steve Maraboli

The best way to heal a broken heart, it turns out, is to find a way to move past the hurt.” – Mary Kay Andrews

When life seems hopeless, rearrange things for a dose of dopeness.– Kid Cudi

Short Comforting Words For a Broken Heart

Note to heart: Don’t keep running back to the person you should be walking away from. – Karen Salmansohn

It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. – Alfred Lord Tennyson

In the depths of sorrow we will eventually find an unwavering light.

You can love them, forgive them, and want good things for them … but still move on without them – Mandy Hale

Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver, heartbreak makes you wiser. Broken Hearted Quotes Short

Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable. – The Wizard of Oz

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Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light.  –Jean Giraudoux

Change has to come for life to struggle forward.– Helen Hollick

Don’t waste your time looking back at what you lost. Moving on, life is not meant to be traveled backwards. – Broken Hearted Quotes Short

When the wrong people leave your life, the right things start to happen. Broken Hearted Quotes Short

There are times in life when people must know when not to let go. Balloons are designed to teach small children this. – Terry Pratchett

You’ve got to make a conscious choice every day to shed the old – whatever ‘the old’ means for you. – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Every day is a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on. – Carrie Underwood

Point of View

Remember one thing in life that “two days in a life are never the same”.  This will help you sustain the pain of a broken heart.