51 Cute Thinking of You Messages, Quotes and Sayings

Are you in love and looking for cute thinking of you messages? Do you need romantic cute thinking of you quotes? When you are in love you can’t stop thinking about the special person especially if they are away. Whatever you do your thoughts drift away and miss him/her. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to do your daily work. In such a situation sharing your feelings with cute thinking of you messages or thinking of you text messages for him will help.

When you love somebody, you want to spend your day and night with your love and when you are away every single moment is like a curse. Share your thoughts and feelings with your chosen one. If you want to express your heartfelt feelings to somebody that you are thinking about him or her, our cute thinking of you messages can help you greatly.

People always appreciate such cute and romantic thinking about you messages for him and thinking about you messages for her. Never be afraid to tell them how you feel, share how you feel about them. We have put together the best collection of quotes and short romantic messages for you.

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Cute Thinking of You Messages

Can you imagine a night without the moon and a day without the sun? I too can’t imagine a single day without thinking of you!

I don’t want you to be not only in my thoughts but also in my life! Missing you very much!

It may be easy for you to fall asleep and have dreams every night, but your thoughts keep me awake the whole night!

For me, it doesn’t matter whether we’re together or not. Because you are in my heart every time I close my eyes I can see your smiling face.

It is said that thoughts are free to go anywhere, but I am surprised to see they often head in your direction.

If you are in my thoughts only then, I feel I’m alive.

Ah…memories, memories…your sweet memories sometimes give me pain sometimes joy. You are far away from me I am just thinking about you. Missing you my love!

Thinking of you is one of my favorite things to do.

Missing the wonderful moments when I look in your eyes and see the ocean of love there and your warm kisses and sweet hugs which turn my life heavenly.

I just wanted to let you know, I’ve been thinking of you, wondering how you have been and praying for you too. I want you to always remember, no matter what you face, to look to God when it gets tough and keep walking in His grace. – M.S.Lowndes

Every now and then my heart wanders back in time and all those old feelings awaken the memories in my mind. – Fad Ibra

Cute Thinking of  You Messages for Friends

If I had a single flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden. – Claudia Adrienne Grandi

This is a hug from me to you, to let you know I am thinking of you. And although I have nothing to say, you know I have thought of you today.

In the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold on to in this world is each other. – Linda Ellerbee

When I was thinking of you I realized all the positive influences you had on my life, thank you. – B. Rivers

Promise me you’ll never forget me because if I thought you would I’d never leave. – A.A. Milne

I think of you with every waking moment of my life and dream of you with every dream that I have; I miss you. – Kong Moua

Sometimes me think, ‘what is friend?’ and then me say, Friend is someone to share the last cookie with. – Cookie Monster

You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart. You are the reason why I love you. I’m always thinking of you.

I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve been thinking about you constantly since I left, wondering why the journey I’m on seemed to have led through you. I know my journey’s not over yet, and that life is a winding path, but I can only hope it somehow circles back to the place I belong. That’s how I think of it now. I belong with you. – Nicholas Sparks

Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart. – Kay Knudsen

Do you know I never ever feel bored, never ever feel lonely, because you are always in my thoughts, morning, afternoon and night. – Mitch Cuento

Just thought I’d let you know I’ve been thinking of you. So I thought I’d brighten up your day and bring a smile to you, praying God will touch your life in a more meaningful way and that you’ll feel the warmth of God, today and every day. – M.S. Lowndes

Cute Thinking of You Messages for Him

I don’t know where you are, but I miss you. I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m thinking of you.

Late at night when all the world is sleeping, I stay up and think of you. And I wish on a star that somewhere you are thinking of me too. – Selena Quintanilla Perez

Thinking of you as I realize that you are the one that holds the key to my heart.

Although we are miles apart, the thought and touch of you lives within my heart. It is for that reason my dear you will always feel near, even though we are thousands of miles apart. –  Andrew Guzaldo

Words fall short whenever I want to tell you how special you are to me, but all I can say is, that my world is full of smiles whenever I think of you. – Natalie Anderson

If I quit thinking of you, I might stop breathing too.

You will always be the answer when somebody asks me what I’m thinking about. – Lisa Brooks

I’ve thought about nothing else but you. – Iris Murdoch

Cause when I think of you, baby, nothing else seems to matter. – Janet Jackson

You’re such an amazing friend! You’re sweet, kind, and true. I wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you.

Nothing could ever keep me up and awake than thoughts of you. However, once I fall asleep and dream of you, I never want to wake up as well. You and thoughts of you keep me alive.

I saw two fallen branches in the shape of a heart. Thought of you. – Stephanie Perkins

Cute Thinking of You Messages for Her

Whenever you are in my mind, I never feel bored, I never feel lonely, I never feel gloomy. Just having you in my thoughts is enough to keep me satisfied.

Thinking of you is one of my favorite things to do.

When the alarm clock rings, I wake up and think of you. When my eyes start to close at night, I am still stuck thinking about you.

May brooks and trees and singing hills join in the chorus too, and every gentle wind that blows send happiness to you. Irish Blessing

That’s how you know you love someone, I guess when you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too. – Kaui Hart Hemmings

Every time you look at me and see me smiling, just know that I am thinking of you.

Someone remembers, someone cares; Your name is whispered in someone’s prayers.

Laughter, acceptance, love… these are the things I think of whenever I think of you.

I just wanted to let you know that I feel very lucky to have you in my life. – Ann Lynn

You may be far away, but you are never far from my heart. Thinking of you!

Cute Thinking of You Messages for Boyfriend

I can go days without talking to you, months without seeing you, but not a second goes by that I’m not thinking about you. – Anurag Prakash Ray

I wonder if that’s just how it feels to miss someone so bad – like being stabbed in the gut a little bit, each time you think of them. – Kate Ellison

If I were given a dollar for every time you were in my thoughts, I’d only have one because you never left them.

There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.- Mahatma Gandhi

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness – Kindness in giving creates love. – Lao Tzu

Thou perchance art thinking now. As I think of thee, and our thoughts in heaven above meet invisibly. – J. J. Britton

When I think of you the smile is on my face, my arms need yours, my eyes need yours and my body need yours.

If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give. – George MacDonald

I have learned how to make time pass, but I never stop thinking of you. – Abbas Kazerooni

Love is all about sweet and sour moments. In deep love, you can’t simply stop thinking about your love. Every now and then you miss them. No matter how much you are busy you never can take away the beautiful smiling face out of your mind. You simply wish to be with them.

We have compiled beautiful quotes and romantic messages that will convey your deep feelings and tell them how much you miss him/her all day long. Browse through our article for cute thinking of you messages. Thinking of you friend quotes and sweet thinking of you text messages to her/him.

We hope your search for cute thinking of you messages ends here. Share these wonderful messages with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp etc. Don’t forget to share our website with your friends. Tell us in our comment box what you think about our sweet thinking of you messages.

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