40 Best Positive Attitude Quotes In Hindi 2022

Positive Attitude Quotes

Positive Attitude Quotes in Hindi : Attitude का अर्थ है “रवैया” हम किसी इंसानके साथ कैसे बर्ताव करते है यह अपने मनकी पूर्ववृत्ति पे निर्भर करता है। Positive Attitude Quotes In Hindi का प्रयोग अपने रवैये को सकारात्मक रूप से विकसित करने हेतु उपयोगी हो सकते है।  दृष्टिकोण को एक उचित प्रतिक्रिया के साथ एक … Read more

Best Piyush Mishra Quotes- कुछ इश्क किया कुछ काम किया किताब की कुछ पंगतियाँ।

Piyush Mishra

Piyush Mishra Quotes – kuch ishq kiya kuch kaam kiya. पियूष मिश्रकी मशहूर किताब “कुछ इश्क किया कुछ काम किया “की कुछ पंगतिया जिसे अपने सपनोंको, ख्वाहिशों को खूबसूरत ख़यालोंको एक अलग अंदाजमें शायरी की रूप में बयां किया है । Piyush Mishra Quotes पियूष  मिश्रा एक मशहूर भारतीय फिल्म और थिएटर अभिनेता, संगीत निर्देशक, गीतकार, गायक और … Read more

12 Best Hindi Thoughts for Students with Meaning हिंदी सुविचार

Thoughts! Motivational Quotes! Suvichar in Hindi! Students

Hindi thoughts for students with meaning or today’s thoughts or hindi suvichar for students with meaning are the motivational quotes we have been using for these types of quotes from our childhood. Children read and get motivated. Regular motivational dose is very important for the students to get the maximum output from them at school, colleges and … Read more

30 Best Inspirational Quotes by Amrita Pritam | Amrita Pritam Quotes

Amrita Pritam

Inspirational Quotes by Amrita Pritam: Amrita Pritam was an Indian novelist, essayist and poet, who wrote in Punjabi and Hindi. She is considered the first prominent female Punjabi poet, novelist, essayist and the leading 20th-century poet of the Punjabi language, who is equally loved on both sides of the India–Pakistan border. अमृता प्रीतम का जन्म … Read more

51+ Unique Osho Quotes on Love, Life, Relationship and Motivation

Osho Quotes On Love, Life, Relationship And Motivation

Osho Quotes On Love: Osho is a spiritual leader and guru who has gained a large following in the West. Referred to as the “Bible of Modern Spiritualism,” his teachings focus on self-realization and personal growth. Osho’s books and talks explore a wide range of topics, including love, relationships, self-transcendence, and creativity. In this blog, … Read more

51 Intezaar Shayari in Hindi | Raat Bhar Intezaar Shayari

Intazaar 1a2

Intezaar Shayari in Hindi: इन्तजार शायरी इन हिंदी: Raat Bhar Intezaar Shayari is a special collection of romantic shayari for your loved ones. Dedicated to the special bond of love between couples, this shayari will surely touch your heart and bring tears to your eyes. If you are in love, then this is the perfect … Read more

25+Rahat Indori Best Shayari Status | Best of Rahat Indori

25+Rahat Indori Best Shayari! Best Hindi Shayari Collection

Rahat Indori Best Shayari: Rahat Indori has given such beautiful lyrics in his lifetime to remember. It is difficult to say that this is Rahat Indori best sahayari. Rahat Indori’s lyrics, poems, and shayari are unique in imagination. Wo boolati hai magar janeka nahi…is one of his most famous lines in recent times. We have … Read more

51+Exclusive Quotes about Canyon Exploring Emotional Depths

canyon quotes98

Quotes About Canyon: I have seen photos of the Grand Canyon, and they just don’t do it justice. Words cannot describe the beauty and vastness of this natural wonder. The Grand Canyon is located in the state of Arizona, and was carved by the Colorado River over millions of years. Quotes about Canyon can help you … Read more

22 Heart Touching Hindi Shayari By Piyush Mishra! हिंदी शायरी

Piyush Mishra 1 compressed

Heart Touching Hindi Shayari is loved and praised by many readers and followers. There are so many renowned shayars (poets) but few are remembered for their work in literature, because some of the work is triggered to the audience. Piyush Mishra is one of those rare gems who writes poetry that is meaningful and can touch … Read more

71+Shayari On Beauty By Ghalib Expressing Love And Worldliness

Mirza Ghalib Quotes

Shayari on beauty by Ghalib depicts some of the beautiful work of मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब as a poet. Mirza Ghalib is known as “Asad”(lion- In Urdu and Persian language) of poets. His full name is Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan. Born in Agra during the reign of Mughal Emperor. He was a master of words and a … Read more