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I wish I had someone to talk to. It’s a common sentiment, one that we’ve all felt at one point or another. Maybe we’re going through a tough time, or we’re feeling isolated and alone. Whatever the reason, we all need someone to talk to, someone who will listen and understand.i wish i had someone to talk to quotes

I wish I had someone to talk to. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m struggling to keep up with work, and I’m constantly forgetting things. I feel like I’m falling behind, and I don’t know how to catch up.

It’s so hard when you’re struggling and you feel like you’re all alone. I wish I had someone to talk to. But sometimes it feels like nobody really understands.

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I Wish I Had Someone to Talk to Sayings

You’re always there for me and I wish I had a friend like you. You’re the best!

I wish I had a friend who would drop everything to come over and watch a scary movie with me.

I wish I had a friend just like you, you all are so dear to me. When it’s time for fun, we’ll do it together!

Our friendship is my very favorite thing in the world! I wish I had a friend who was more than a friend.

I Wish I Had Someone to Talk to

We all make mistakes, yours might have hurt me the most, but I’ve forgiven you. I wish I had a friend, just like you! You’re awesome and I wish I could be more like you.

I wish I had a friend like you! If I did, I wouldn’t have to tell you that. Flip flops, mattresses, and other bizarre things all your fault and it only took like five seconds for me to find out. I can’t believe I even tried to hang out with you again.

My dearest friend, I wish I had a friend like you. There is a saying that you only know what you have until it’s gone and now I’m glad to know you. To anyone who thinks that friendship is overrated, I want to say it’s not! It’s underrated.

I wish I had a friend who would give me a reason to live, I have nobody to share my problems with, no friends I can trust, I wish I had a friend who cares about me and loves me for who I am.

I wish I had a friend who could use a kind word. I wish I had a friend who tells my secrets to the wind. I wish I had a friend who holds my hand as we ride on life’s wonderful ride.

I wish I had a friend as loyal as a dog…A friend who would sit on the sidewalk and wait for me, no matter how long it took. A friend willing to lie at my feet all night if that’s what it took for me to get home. A friend who wouldn’t mind if I brought home another dog.

I wish I had a friend like you. You know, to talk to when I’m lonely, to laugh with, play games with and to hang out with whenever I want. There’s a big difference between having a friend and not having a friend. With a friend you feel wanted, important, and loved. Without one you’re lonely and never get invited places or called for hangouts.

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I Want to Talk to Someone I Wish

Walking with someone who knows the way is always better than walking alone. I wish I had a friend that was as cool as you!

I wish I had someone to talk to

I wish I had a friend so I can text them right now and say I miss you so much! I wish I had a friend who knew everything there is to know about me, because all of that would be you!

I feel lonely sometimes because there is nobody I can trust. It’s hard to let someone in and show who I really am. I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t have any friends, but yeah. I wish I had a friend.

I wish I had a friend like you! You are so much fun to be around and I feel like I’ve known you for years. You always make me laugh and smile, it’s amazing how happy you make me feel. I can’t wait until the next time we hang out! Love ya!

I wish I had a friend like you. Sometimes life gets so complicated and it doesn’t seem like you have a shoulder to cry on. Well, if you ever need one, I’m here for you and I will always be. If a lot of people were like you the world would be such a better place!

I wish you had a friend to come over today and read with you, but I am glad that I could be here for you. I know it is easy to forget when your classmates can’t see, but you are a beautiful little girl and I hope that someday you will have a friend who sees only how beautiful you are on the inside. I love you

I wish I had a friend… sometimes people aren’t who they appear to be. A small revelation was discovered one night, upon reflection it hit that me and my friends I had, we were fake. We were only just pretending to be friends. Friendship isn’t what it used to be as people change. I know you’ll face this too and feel the same, even you will find out!

I wish I had a friend who would understand me. Someone who’d listen to my stories and share his own. Someone to take walks with, Have coffee with and sit beside and just be. People are busy and they finally have the chance to let go of the outside world for a sweet moment, but still they prefer to keep the door shut. Don’t you know that a friendship like that is worth far more than any material treasure?

I wish I had a friend like you, someone I can trust and depend on. Someone who will listen without judging me. Someone who I can turn to in my time of need. A friend with whom I can talk about anything and everything and confide in them. Someone who even though may not be there every step of the way will always be there for me at the end.

I wish I had a friend. A sole mate. So that I would not have to be alone in my thoughts anymore. Someone who would come to me at my weakest moments, and share similar emotions. A talk with an understanding person to clear out all the rubbish in my mind. When I feel hurt, when I feel joy, when I want to give up or when I’m thankful. To be able to speak to someone who listens, who wishes me well and talks to me from the heart.

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Sometime I Wish I Had Someone to Talk to

I wish I had a friend. Someone to talk to who understands. I wish I had a friend.  Maybe more, who knows? I’ve opened up to you and you’ve done the same, so there’s no reason why we can’t be that way.

I wish I had a friend who was like you. Someone who shares my world and is there through the good times, as well as the bad. Someone to laugh with, to cry with and to share new experiences with. You’re such a special person and I am so glad I have you in my life.

Wishing I had a friend to talk to, wishing I had someone to tell my story to. Someone who would listen, someone wise enough to understand. Wishing I had someone who could laugh with me when I think something funny, so glad that finally I’ve found you…

I wish I had a friend, to tell my thoughts and ideas to. When my dreams are falling through I wish I had a friend, to tell my worries to. When my hopes are falling through, when you feel like you’re falling through the cracks in everything you try, I can understand the way that you feel. When you feel that nobody cares if you live or die.

I wish I had a friend that I could go to and talk to, instead of just being able to talk to you. Someone who would be there for me when I needed them most. You mean the world to me and without you things wouldn’t be the same. You always make me smile and I love that about you!

I wish I had a friend I could hang out with, go to the movies, swap clothes, take road trips with and gossip with all night on the phone. I wish we could tell each other our deepest secrets and they wouldn’t judge us. I wish we could come home from school, throw our backpacks on the floor and spread out all our stuff on the bed. I wish we didn’t have to say goodbye at the end of the day, knowing that tomorrow we’d have to start.

I wish I had a friend, who listened to me and cared about what I have to say. A friend that spent time with me, someone who I could hold hands with and walk down the street with and go for a drive. Someone that would bring me lunch during the day when I didn’t have time and spend time with me at night watching TV. Someone that would invite me out to dinner to get out of the house, share their life with me and ask me how my day was.

I Wish I Had Someone to Talk to Quotes

Many men talk like philosophers and live like fools. – Philip K. Dick

A smart person knows how to talk. A wise person knows when to be silent. – Roy T. Bennett

I love to talk about nothing. It’s the only thing I know anything about. – Oscar Wilde

Speak to me: I will spend my lifetime trying to understand you. – Kamand Kojouri

Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine. – Fran Lebowitz

I should have been bolder and kissed her at the end. I should have been more cautious. I had talked too much. I had said too little. – Patrick Rothfuss

The more you talk about them, the more important they will feel. The more you listen to them, the more important you will make them feel. – Roy T. Bennett

Many people are good at talking about what they are doing, but in fact do little. Others do a lot but don’t talk about it; they are the ones who make a community live. – Jean Vanier

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Hi, I’m Millie, and I wish I had someone to talk to.

I’m a 25-year-old woman living in Toronto, and I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life. I’m not sure what I want to do with my career, or where I want to be in five years. I’m single and I don’t have any close friends in the city.

I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, and I don’t know how to get out of it.

If you’re feeling like this, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and I know how hard it can be.

But I also know that it’s possible to turn your life around. You can make friends, find a career you love, and be happy.

I’m proof of that. If you’re looking for someone to talk to, I’m here for.