Rosario Dawson Flashes Sentiment Reports in Video with Nnamdi Okafor who is a Nigerian Poet on Instagram

The 43-year-old entertainer posted a short Instagram video with Nnamdi Okafor on Tuesday, in which he tells her, "I love you,

The two were riding on the rear of a golf truck at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo and made senseless looks with one another. Dawson answered, "I love you as well,"

She inscribed the post with a red hot heart emoticon. She labeled his confidential Instagram page. The duo found making silly faces looking at eachother.

which incorporates a bio where he portrays himself as a "cherishing admirer of beautiful loveable individuals."

In February, PEOPLE affirmed the split among Dawson and Booker, 53, as a source near the New Jersey legislator said the previous couple aren't dating any longer 

Dawson and Booker previously ran into each other at a political pledge drive for a shared companion in summer 2018

Though sparks didn't go right away, months later the two reconnected. This Instagram post was soon flooded with comments from Dawson's fans.