Pick up Lines for Eye

I have counted all the stars before and I believe I have missed two. Guess what, they are in your eyes.

Fascinating. I kept looking in your black eyes all evening because I’ve never seen dark eyes that have so much light in them.

I saw a beautiful green tree today and thought that it was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. That is until I met you.

Your eyes are as black as a castle moat when midnight crosses. Lower the drawbridge and allow me to cross into your heart.

Are you the color brown like chocolate? Because I want to bite you.37. The khaki in my shirt brings out the color in your eyes.

Your eyes are like a forest. I feel calm the moment I gaze into them. The most beautiful jewel I’ve seen is the emerald in your eyes.

Your eyes are like chocolate. They are difficult to turn away from. Your eyes look so much like honey that I feel like a bear attracted to them.

Black eyes have always been regarded as the most mysterious. They have also been associated with the night and darkness.