Britney Spears's first new song in six years

In good standing after years of struggle on "Hold Me Closer,"" her first recorded single since 2016.

A cross-generational collaboration that features 40-year-old Spears and 70-year old Rocket Man-Enton John

Old Rocket Man - dropping from the heavens of dream duets on Friday morning is a radical revamp of John's 1971 hit song "Tiny Dancer." 

It's so radical that they gave the track its own name, which was derived by the chorus from its original. together now, "Hold me closer, tiny dancer!"

Although "Tiny Dancer" was a rousing ballad. "Hold Me Closer" is a dance track that twirls directly beneath the disco ball.  

It has rhythmic beats. It also has the lightness that captures a bit of the beautiful beauty that was the first.

The beginnings of this partnership date back to the year 2015 the year that Spears declared her love of "Tiny Dancer" via tweet.  

After more than six years of being absent from music, it's only the beginning for the long-awaited Britney return.