Kevin Federline  says Britney Spears Sons Not Comfortable With Her on Social Media.

Britney Spears  with  Ex Kevin Federline

As per Kevin Federline, Spears' topless photographs on Instagram platform caused strains in her relationship with their sons.

He further says " that he can not explain how the teenagers must be feeling while going to school. Replying to this Sam said..

Sam Asghari her husband replied while defending Spears that she never exposed nudity, her photographs posted are similar to what we see in the ads for body soap and lotion

She said she feels sad to hear that her ex-husband Kevin has decided to discuss her relationship with their kids openly. After Kevin’s Interview.

Britney Spears further said that raising teenage kids is never an easy task. Her sons Preston (16) and Jayden(15) did not her wedding ceremony recently.

As per Spears Kevin her ex should not be talking this personal things socially, because whatever happening outside is nothing to do with his home.

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