Looking back, I wish I would have waited. I can’t change the decisions I made back then, but I do wish I would have waited to be diagnosed with depression.

Thank you for not giving up on me when you have every reason to. Thank you so much my dearest. Thank you.

For those cute kisses, warm hugs and one of a kind love, I’m saying a very big Thank You. I love you beyond the stars.

Thank you for my love for making this project possible. You have gone out of your comfort zone and put your best in it.

My love, thank you for being on my shoulder to cry when I needed one. Thank you for holding and encouraging me.

The support you always give lifted me like a magic wand. Please accept my heart filled with gratitude and thankfulness.

I don’t know how I should thank you. Your kindness is beyond all words. I am blessed to have you as my love.

I just want to thank you for all that you gave up on me. You’re like an angel in my life. Your care and attentiveness is top-notch.