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Sad Lonely Quotes

Sad lonely quotes: Feeling sad and lonely is a common feeling. It comes with being human. When you’re feeling sad and lonely, it might feel like the world has ended. You can’t stop thinking about how bad things are, and you can’t stop crying. You try to be happy when you are with people around, but … Read more

250 Sad Quotes about Being alone – Loveframes

Sad Quotes about Being alone

Sad quotes about being alone: Loneliness is not a curse, it is a choice of an individual person. Many times it is observed that our attitude towards the world detachs ourselves away and puts us in a lonely situation. Some people like to be lonely so that they get time to talk to themselves and … Read more

200+ Fake Smile Quotes to Shadow the Pain

Fake Smile Quotes

Fake smile quotes: It is not that the smiling face is always fake. But yes, happiness and a smile on your face are two different things altogether. Smile on face need not be necessary for the person to be happy. This is just to show that I am happy and hope you are also doing well. … Read more

50 Best I Wish I Never Liked You Quotes: Why We Regret Certain Relationships?

I Wish I Never Liked You Quotes10

I wish I never liked you quotes: There’s nothing quite like falling in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. No matter how many times it happens, it never gets any easier to hear that you were liked more as a friend than as a romantic partner, or worse, that you … Read more

35+Tears Quotes | Quotes about Tears | Happy Tears Quotes

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Tears Quotes: Tears are the way to release the internal pressure developed inside our heart. Emotions are the main purpose of our life. Satisfaction of emotions like happiness, sorrow, satisfaction, anger, love, to be loved are some of the emotions needed to be expressed through actions like laugh, cry, dancing, scolding etc. In this article … Read more