70 New Quotes about Mail Power of Communication

Quotes about mail: You’ve probably heard the expression, “you’ve got mail!” It’s become a ubiquitous part of our culture, and it’s a great example of the power of communication. Email is just one example of the many ways we can communicate with each other. Words are powerful, and when we put them together in the right way, they can create magic.

In this post, we’ll share some quotes about the power of communication. We hope they inspire you to reach out to the people in your life and connect with them on a deeper level.

Quotes about Mail

You’ve probably heard the quote, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” But what about the power of mail? Mail has been around for centuries, and it’s still one of the best ways to communicate with people. There’s just something about getting a letter in the mail that makes you feel special. Maybe it’s because it’s such a rarity these days.

Whatever the reason, mail is a powerful tool, and these quotes show just how powerful it can be.

Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail. – Henry L. Stimson

There should be no censorship of mail. – Barbara Deming

You’ve Got Mail! – Quotes About the Power of Communication

My fan mail is enormous. Everyone is under six. – Alexander Calder

They can call or e-mail, too, but I’d rather see the bug. – Carl E. Olson

Of course you have an e-mail, you idiot, just read it! – Chris Jericho

I get an awful lot of fan mail, and I read all that I can. – John Denver

I don’t e-mail. I’ve never felt the particular need to e-mail. – John McCain

In the office, the email that came in was always 10 to 1 for me. – Davy Jones

Any editing, software work, and mail is done in this exported Plan 9. – Dennis Ritchie

AWWW ON THE MAIL. The mailman delivers, once again! – Charlie Flynn.

I’m an e-mail junkie though I’m trying to read my in-box only twice a day and to answer all at once. – Judy Blume

Mail Captions for Instagram

“Get Well Soon” – A Quote About Healing. It might be a cliché, but the saying “get well soon” holds a lot of truth. When someone is feeling under the weather, a message of support can really help them to feel better.

There’s something about receiving mail that just makes people happy. It could be the anticipation of opening it up and finding out what’s inside, or maybe it’s the tactile experience of holding a piece of paper in your hands.

Whatever the reason, mail is a powerful communication tool. And “get well soon” messages are some of the most heartfelt ones you can send.

I love reader mail, and I do read it, but I won’t read hate mail. – Ayelet Waldman.

But music is reflection of self, we just explain it, and then we get our checks in the mail. – Eminem

I’ve found that if you’re not responsive to e-mail, it trains people to leave you alone. – David Karp

I started on the fringes of journalism as a cartoonist on The Daily Mail. – Humphrey Lyttelton

You need teeth like mine!” Grandma said. “You can just mail ’em to the dentist! – Janet Evanovich

I’m not very technically minded. I mean, I don’t know how to do e-mail on computers. – Kate Winslet

Fan mail is one thing, but fans you meet in person are a different matter entirely. – Audrey Meadows

The future of the airlines lay in hauling people, not in hauling mail to the government. – C. R. Smith

Famous Quotes about Mail

“I’m Thinking of You”- A Quote About Love and Support. It’s the little things that mean so much, and that’s why I love this quote from Theodore Roosevelt. When you’re feeling down, it’s nice to know that someone is thinking of you. Just knowing that someone cares can make all the difference.

So why not send a card, or write a note, to let someone know you’re thinking of them? It’s a simple gesture that can mean the world to someone who’s going through a tough time. And who knows? It might just make their day.

And I did Batman, too. I did Mr. Freeze. I get more mail from him than anything I’ve ever done. – Eli Wallach

Never write when you can talk. Never talk when you can nod. And never put anything in an e-mail. – Eliot Spitzer

I don’t have any of the modern stuff. I don’t have an e-mail. I don’t have a computer! – Elmore Leonard.

I love home. I’ll stay up there for days on end, I won’t even go down the driveway to look for the mail. – Dan Fogelberg

I do get a lot of mail. I get a lot of foreign mail because my mail gets mixed with Emilio Estevez. – Erik Estrada.

Plus, in one of his e-mails, the guy said he didn’t like pancakes. What kind of ***** doesn’t like pancakes? – A. J. Jacobs.

An article on playwrights in the Daily Mail, listed according to Hard Left, Soft Left, Hard Right, Soft Right and Center. I am not listed. I should probably come under Soft Center. – Alan Bennett

Merv Griffin, who developed Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, had a great line once. I used to personally answer all the mail that came in to Jeopardy! whether it was favorable or unfavorable, and Merv said, You know how I handle the nasty mail? I said no. He just grabbed it and folded it up and crunched it up and threw it in the wastebasket. He said, I don’t bother with it. – Alex Trebek

Short Quotes about Mail

live without breath, As cold as death; Never thirsty, ever drinking, All in mail never clinking. – J. R. R. Tolkien

What does this mean ‘mailer daemon’? Satan, are you messing with the e-mail system already? – Herbert Jay Stern

I have no ghost writers. I personally write every message and every piece of published mail. – David Wilkerson

If you want something, it will elude you. If you do not want something, you will get ten of it in the mail. – Anna Quindlen

I thought I made a little movie. All the mail that I get is about how it changed lives and that’s wonderful. – C. C. H. Pounder

If I don’t get at least one e-mail every ten minutes, I feel unloved. Even junk mail makes me feel seen. Sad, I know. Sigh. – Chris Abani

The exchange by e-mail is more intimate than conversation – you allow yourself to say things you otherwise wouldn’t. – Christian Lacroix

It’s more important to me to get an e-mail that says, ‘I saw your page and it changed my life,’ than how many hits the page got. – Howard Rheingold

You do it a day at a time. You write as well as you can, you put it in the mail, you leave it under submission, you never leave it at home. – James Lee Burke.

Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones that can. – Jamie Zawinski.

Quotes about Mailboxes

Texts and e-mails travel no faster than phone calls and telegrams, and their content isn’t necessarily richer or poorer. – Alison Gopnik

Where is love exchanged? Where is the love felt when a state administrator stuffs a welfare check into outgoing mail? – Allen West

If a fellow wants to be nobody in the business world, let him neglect sending the mailman to somebody on his behalf. – Charles Kettering

If you’re spending so much time at the gym that your mail is forwarded there, you’re not dedicated – you’ve got a mental disorder. – Dan John

People respond faster to you on a text than e-mail. Why is that? Why will they ignore an e-mail, but get back to a text? – Gayle King

I’m basically a dinosaur. I don’t use e-mail. But I do recognize the importance of science and the resulting possibilities. – Bernard Marcus.

I’m so computer illiterate, I barely know how to send an e-mail. I mean, I have a laptop and Gmail, but I don’t really look at it much. – Alfie Allen.

Those who are seeking ways to tap into the potential of e-mail will find themselves in a position to capitalize on the pending explosion in Internet usage. – Alexander Haig

Quotes about Mail Delivery

The nastier the e-mail, the more likely I am to respond because they`ll realize there`s a human being on the other side. – Jonathan Capehart

When I was a kid, the high point of the day was to go to the mailbox and see if any mail came for me, and I’m still stuck in that mode. – Jim Beaver

Unfortunately, the current generation of mail programs do not have checkers to see if the sender knows what he is talking about. – Andrew S. Tanenbaum

I’m not computer literate. I mail. I know how to get on the Web, but I haven’t crossed over into the internet world. I’m old-fashioned, I guess. – Katie Holmes

Thank you for your patience as we work to deliver your mail. We know how important this is to you and we appreciate your willingness to wait.

I don’t have a Madonna-sized fan base, so I can actually e-mail and talk to everyone that e-mails me, because I am totally appreciative and I like my fans! – Jill Sobule

The e-mails are mainly about a controversy over a particular data set and the ways a particular small group of scientists have displayed that dataset. – John Holdren.

People used to share things with e-mail on a massive scale. If you remember e-mail forwards from the late ’90s, it was a terrible way to share content. – Jonah Peretti.

Because Washington state now votes by mail, elections here tend to play out, at an agonizingly slow speed, over many days and, sometimes, weeks. – Jonathan Raban.

I have received hostile voice mail messages and e-mails. They are often anonymous, I’m sad to say, as anonymous messages are delivered only by very low forms of human life, in my opinion. – Ben Brantley

I have been ineluctably drawn to libraries ever since I entered that sanctum sanctorum. It was a place of quietude. In a world where things go beep and ding and ring, where you’ve got mail and you’ve got messages, when I enter a library, I feel that I am still entering a temple. – Carmen Agra Deedy

I also request that, starting today, you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun (except in official mail to the confinement facility). – Chelsea Manning

L. Mencken told me once that he answered all his mail, pleasant and unpleasant, with just one line, ‘You may be right.’ That’s the way I feel now. It is in the realm of possibility, just barely, that I could be the one who’s wrong. – Clare Boothe Luce

I love the rebelliousness of snail mail, and I love anything that can arrive with a postage stamp. There’s something about that person’s breath and hands on the letter. – Diane Lane

The worst thing about e-mail is that you can’t interrupt the other person. You have to read the whole thing and then e-mail them back, pointing out all their mistakes and faulty assumptions. It’s frustrating and it’s time-consuming. God bless phone calls. – George Carlin

In Britain we have a free press. It’s not a pretty press, but it’s free. People who can’t bear the Daily Mail, they say: ‘you should ban it’. No no, no no, you don’t ban it… you don’t buy it. – Ian Hislop

I never looked at fan mail, for some reason. My mother and grandmother handled my mail – although it’s not like I was ever in the stratosphere of Kirk Cameron or Scott Baio. – Jason Bateman

At this point, I think I would garner a lot of hate mail if I was now on the cover of Modern Drummer seeing as I’m not a modern drummer anymore. – Jason Schwartzman.

Good. If you check your e-mail every five minutes, or keep texting and Tweeting in the middle of our conversation, I might snap your neck out of sheer principle. – Jeaniene Frost.

A writer can get into a vast deal of trouble through misquotation. If you ever want to receive lots of mail, I recommend you get a Shakespeare quote wrong in a magazine or newspaper. – Joseph Epstein.

Here’s the problem: I don’t like who I’ve become when my iPhone is within reach. I find myself checking e-mails and responding to texts throughout the day with some kind of Pavlovian ferocity – it’s not a conscious act, but a reflexive one. – Josh Radnor

When it comes to mail, there’s nothing quite like getting a handwritten letter from a loved one. It’s such a personal experience, and it’s become increasingly rare in our digital age. But there’s something about email that goes beyond just communication. It’s a tangible reminder that someone is thinking of you, and that they took the time to put pen to paper and share their thoughts with you.

It might sound cheesy, but there’s something truly magical about receiving mail. I’m sure you can relate to that feeling of excitement when you see your mailbox stuffed full of letters.

“You’ve got mail!” is more than just a throwaway line from a movie- it’s a reminder of the importance of communication in our lives. Whether it’s a message from a loved one, an important work email, or a notification that your package has arrived, mail brings us amazing news and keeps us connected to the people we love.

We love the symbolism of mail – it’s something that’s been around for centuries, and it’s something that will always be important. That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite quotes about mail for you to enjoy. We hope they remind you of the importance of communication in your life!

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