100+ Best Proud of You Quotes and Sayings 2022


Proud of you: Some people are born intelligent and some are hard working. We are more proud of the people who have worked hard to achieve certain things in life. In both these cases people love to get greeted for their achievements. These small appreciation messages and quotes make them feel more confident and motivate … Read more

151 Happy Positive Quotes about Life to Bring Happiness in Life

Happy Positive Quotes about Life9

Happy Positive Quotes about Life: We all have experienced the share of bad and good days in life. It may have happened that you have had a strong argument within the family or at the work place. Try to stay away from negative thoughts. Negetivity can never bring happiness in life. Instead, try reading these … Read more

John Green Quotes-Famous Dialogues -The Fault In Our Stars


John Green Quotes: John Green (John Michael Green)  is an American author and Youtuber born August 24, 1977.  His debut novel Looking for Alaska won the 2006 prize award. His fourth solo novel, The Fault in Our Stars, debuted at number one on The New York Times Best Seller List  in January 2012.  The 2014 … Read more

75 Positive Motivational Quotes To Start The Day With Excellence

Positive Motivational Quotes

Every day has to be better than yesterday. We have to starve to make so. Success does not come sitting ideal. We’ll have to chase the decided goal. There may be times when you will feel depressed or lost. That is when you will need an external dose of motivation. Positive motivational quotes will help … Read more

101 Quotes On Strength And Love To Sustain The Tough Time

Strength and Love Quotes

Life is simple yet difficult to understand Quotes on strength and love to sustain the tough times in life will help you realize the strength of your potential. Tough times are there to make you a strong person. The more you face and solve the problems in life the stronger you become. Generally, we underestimate … Read more

Positive Quotes For Depression! Best Positive Quotes

Positive Quotes

Positive Quotes For Depression: Several times in a lifetime we face mental pressure. The pressure which the mind is unable to handle it in a proper way and we first get angry and then go into depression. Getting depressed is a normal emotion but going into depression is a serious matter to look into. the … Read more