18 Stunning Pooja Hegde Movies List of Tamil and Hindi Movies

Pooja Hegde Movies List: Pooja Hegde is a prominent Indian model turned into as a film actress, Born on 13th Oct 1990. She acts predominantly in Telugu and Hindi films. She was the winner as the second runner-up of the Miss Universe India 2010 competition. Her debut film Mysskin’s Mugamoodi – 2012

1) Kannada:

Cast Away – 2009,

Goa – 2011,

Conviction (2010),

Aish (2012),

I Am Sorry Mathe Banni Prema Katha – 2013,


2) Hindi:

Ashaareh: As Gandii Hum Hain Jaisee – 2013, Phone Pe Teri Meri Jaan – 2017, Dhadkan Dhadkan Mumbai Pune Thaat- 2007 etc.

Pooja Hegde Movies List in Tabular Form 

FILM TITLE                                              CHARACTER PLAYED           LANGUAGE


Mugamoodi  (2012)                                              Shakthi Gaurav                            Telugu


Oka Laila Kosam  (2014)                                     Nandana                                        Telugu


Mukunda  (2014)                                                  Gopika                                            Telugu


Mohenjo Daro  (2016)                                        Chaani                                              Hindi


Duvvada Jagannadham  (2017)                       Pooja                                                Telugu


Rangasthalam  (2018)                                       Jigelu Rani                                      Telugu


Saakshyam  (2018)                                            Soundarya Lahari                           Telugu


Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava  (2018) Aravinda                                           Telugu


Maharshi  (2019)                                               Pooja                                                 Telugu


Gaddalakonda Ganesh  (2019)                      Sridevi                                                Telugu


Housefull 4  (2019)                                  Rajkumari Mala / Pooja                       Hindi


Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo  (2020)            Amulya                                                Telugu


Most Eligible Bachelor  (2021)                    Vibha                                                  Telugu


Radhe Shyam  (2022)                                 Prerana                                            Telugu/Hindi


Beast  (2022) Upcoming                           TBA                                                        Tamil


Acharya  (2022) Upcoing                         Neelambari                                              Telugu


Cirkus  (2022) Upcoming                          TBA                                                          Hindi


Untitled Trivikram Srinivas film  (2023)(Proposed)TBA                                   Telugu


Career as a Film Actress in India

There has been a great demand in the Indian cinema industry for film actresses and there are some lessons that are worth noting when considering a career as an actress. The below article of Professor Ramesh Vinayak discusses the various aspects of this craft, which falls on an elevated pedestal as well.

‘Since its independence in 1947, India has seen the coming and going of many new cinematic commercial genres across a vast number of regional cinemas, each with its own parochial cultural code,’ says Vinayak.

While this may sound like a bewildering scene for any newcomer, it is important to identify why we have regional cinema and also what these different movie genres are aiming to achieve.

There are three main aspects: Esthetics, sociology and entertainment. Mass entertainment should be attempted by focusing on esthetics alongside sociology. Actor Priyanka Chopra speaks about her career and how she has made it work.

She had to win a youth singing competition as she couldn’t support herself with being an actress in India, earning 200 rupees (roughly $3 USD) per day without a contract. There was no film industry where she lived. She found success in Indian soapies, but wanted to be part of Hollywood to explore the world of television and film. She shifted from small roles to eventually starring as a female commando in Baywatch and is now known for Quantico and Captain Marvel.

Pooja Hegde Movie Dialogues

Top 10 best Cute and Romantic Pooja Hegde Dialogues from Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava:

10) Intro and beginning byte dialogue

9) Chala Peru Address kuda kavala Dialogue NTR: Mee Peru? Hegde: Chala Peru Address kuda kavala NTR : Nenu oorike Adiganu Lendi Hegde : Nenu Oorike Cheppanandi

8) Manam Istapade Vallani Dialogue Manam Istapade Vallani Oppinchakkarledu, Manatho Godava pade vallani istapaddakarledu 7) Okarni Kavalanukune mundu Dialogue Pooja Hegde : Okarni Kavalanukune mundu ammayilu Chala Alochistaru Raghava, Veedu Kaadu, Veedu Kaadu ani Padi mandini check chesi okkadi daggara agutaaru, vadini kaugalinchukoni kallu musukogane mottam prapanchani shutdown chesestaru

6) Pooja’s Bheemudu Arjunudu Dialogue Bheemudu Arjunudu otti chetto vanda mandi ni champagalaru, vallai duguriki kalipi okka draupadhi, krishnudu katti pattukunna photo aina chusara? Oohu, kani aayiniki yenimidi mandi, arthaminda maku evaru nacchutaaro

5) Okkarini isthapada daaniki Dialogue Okarini ista padadaniki oka right incident chalu like yesterday, vadileya daniki kuda okkate

4) We want sixer dialogue We want sixer ani ariche vallandariki cricket ravala yenti

3) Pooja Hegde’s Aina Ei magallu Dialogue Aina ei magallu ente, manalni vadilesi, migatha vallandiritho discuss chestaru,manakem raadana , teliyadanaa

2) Factionism ani vinnava Dialogue Factionism ani vinnava, Artham kaledu kadha, Adugu, ala cute ga chudaku

1) Pooja Hegde Tough ga kanipistaru Dialogue Tuff ga kanipistaru kani maata vintaru, parledu

The above dialogues are taken from the Best Vibes youtube channel. You can visit this channel for more entertainment. 


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