100+ Best Women Self Love Quotes 2022

Woman self love quotes

Women Self Love Quotes reminds me here of the statement of Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military leader who said, “Give me good mothers and I will give you Good Nation.” This statement shows the power of women, it shows how much they are worth. They are to be reminded of their greatness. This quote is … Read more

200+ Mother Day Sayings Quotes and Wishes – Loveframes

Mother Day Sayings Quotes and Wishes

Mother Day Sayings Quotes: Be it a Relationship, Business, Fashion or Cosmetics.  A Jewish proverb quotes “A mother understands what a child does not say”! That’s the greatness of mothers! From the time we are born till date, our dependency on our mother keeps on increasing. The only difference being, when we were infants, we … Read more

Mothers Day Quotes To Express Her Importance In Your Life

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I am sure you are deciding what to buy this year for your mother on mothers day. Mothers day quotes are there to forward them on social media, but what would be the perfect gift this mothers day. The lady means a whole world to you and you wanted to show your affections with the … Read more

29 Happy Mother’s Day Card Messages To Write On Card

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Mom is the first friend of a child I believe. When you are hungry, you go to mom, when you are disturbed you go to mom, when you fall you remember mom, when you want to fight you fight with your mom. Your mom is a multi-personality person. This is the right time to put … Read more

Mother’s Day 2021-Short Story, Quotes and Wishes

Mother's Day 2021-Short Story, Quotes and Wishes

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day has been celebrated for many many centuries and ages. Ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated it as a festival, and so did the Christian people. But the Mother’s Day we all have come to know and celebrate has a different reason. Yes, and not a very happy story … Read more