101+ Best Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

Missing school days in lockdown quotes: It is already high time that for the last more than 20 months have passed and students are sitting at home and attending online class. Pandemic lockdown has brought everyone into their own homes. Students studying abroad, people who were working abroad have returned back to their homes.

Students fade up of studying online as they miss the joy of attending school. Sitting and Chatting with friends is missed. Working class people are missing their offices. All the people are deprived of the happiness due to this pandamic wave. Please find below the  missing school days in lockdown quotes to express my feelings in this situation. You will also like to read going back to school wishes. 

Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes Feelings

Dear school bench, do you miss us like we miss you?

I am missing school very much due to lockdown.

School time is a part of our life. Go corona please go.

Please Doctors Make vaccine soon. So, that I can go to our school.

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One lunch box, Many hands. I really miss those school days.

I miss those days when I used to put covers on my new school books.

No matter how irritating school days were, we all missed those days during lockdown.

There is a lot more to school than you know, they do not teach you a lot of things in it.

In the process of acquiring some knowledge, you begin to know yourself better than you do.

I entered school one day only to realize that things would have been better off without me.

They say that they try and hear your voice out at school but the truth is they shut it up more.

I wish that school would ready you for the life outside of it, of how to survive life in general.

One of the best moments I had in my school life was meeting the friends I will have forever.

They give you so many rules to follow during your school life that sometimes you don’t know.

Missing School Days Messages

Even the Coronavirus can’t tear us apart!

Go corona go. I want to go to school soon.

Can’t keep calm coz I miss my school friends during lockdown.

Things don’t always go the way you planned themWe will overcome corona.

When I say I miss school; I mean my friends and the fun. Not the studying part.

We didn’t realize we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun.

Forget what your teachers told you, of course you can do it, of course you should do it.

Homework is the thing that I hated the most in my school life, I just am tired of all of it.

You may not know it yet but when you go to school, find someone who will encourage you.

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A school was built for the purpose of learning first and foremost, you must remember that.

Until now, when I remember the things that happen in class, I still smile because I enjoyed it.

I think one of the most important things that should be learned is school is the act of sharing.

Of course I will be famous one day soon, now I just have to get through this stupid school.

One of the experiences that I had in my class was cutting it whenever I did not like the teacher.

Missing School Life Quotes Due to Lockdown

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Respect your parents. They passed school without google.

We are in this together. We will get through this together.

A school is nothing if there are no people to inspire you to go there and have fun.

School is the place where most people lose themselves in, they come out a new person.

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I am the introvert in the class, the one no one talks to and no one really likes, I think.

Do not let your grades ever define you because believe it or not they are not everything.

You get schooling for most of your life and then you work for some time and then you die.

Though we are missing school in lockdown, we will stay home. Staying home saves lives.

It is so hard to retain fame in middle school as most people are morons who forget easily.

If you really hated school, you would never set foot on it ever again but here you are, friend.

The school has taught me the purpose of living life to the fullest because it was really boring.

I think school should be removed and replaced with things that will matter more in your life.

Eventually, you will realize that school is kind and then you will actually love going to school.

So my classmates tell the teacher that they miss me but they do not even know who I really am.

Often I wonder what I would have become if I had not gone to school and met my favorite people.

School Missing Quotes During Lockdown Quotes

School times end but memories last forever.

Missing school work and friends. Feeling lonely and lost.

I used to hate Mondays. But now in lockdown I want to go to school.

One fine day, we took off our school uniform. And never worn it back.

I love school and all the dramas that it comes with, that is the truth, honestly.

For what is the sense of your life but to go to a school and try to find a purpose for it.

School = One word, Six letters, Millions of memories, Infinite love, care and happiness.

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

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If you want to learn the art of going to school, you might as well go and attend it for real.

I have been living in the boarding school, now I am tired from everything else, you know?

When you stop skipping school just for fun, then maybe you can finally be happy with life.

There is no smarter person or brighter child, all students just need to work harder than usual.

First day of school, how am I going to make new friends? Last day of school, how am I going to leave these idiots?

It was my last day off school, everybody promised to stay in touch. Then life happened & names are just being saved in contact list.

Take me back to the time… When the one picnic with friends was the best day of the year. Where the parent’s teachers meeting was the scariest part.

Missing School Days Messages in English

If you haven’t laughed in front of the principal you haven’t lived.

My school cares more about the uniform than about my education.

For now, you just need to relax and try to love your school as much as you can.

I think that one of the best things that happened in my life was being forced in school.

missing school quotes in english

That proud moment when your teacher says “this is the worst class I have ever seen”.

Now, go out there and find someone to help you out with your problems with your school.

You just don’t know it yet but school is one of the best places on this planet to exist peacefully.

I still remember the way we murmured after we threw away the most important file in the teachers’ lounge

Caption for Missing School Days

You can drag my body to school but my spirit refuses to go.

You’re very lucky if your school friend is still your best friend.

The best part of my life is school days. Missing school days in lockdown.

True friends are never apart. Maybe in the distance, but never in the heart.

The only reason why I love school is because it’s the place where all my friends are.

Someday you will learn to appreciate your school for the things it will teach you, soon.

Office friends will come and go but school friends will remain your best friends forever.

Hating school when you are in it is normal but once you leave you will surely miss it then.

Best excuse of school life: Teacher I have done the homework but I forgot my notebook at home.

People tell me all the time that they had the most fun when they were in school. How come I don’t?

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Missing School Days Status

I miss the old days.

I’ll never forget the joy of the school bell.

We learn not in school, but in life. – Seneca

Only now do I realize the true value of school.

Adversity is a good school – Charlotte Bronte

School is cool. That’s why it rhymes. – Terry Crews

Missing School Days Status
Missing School Days Status

Losing touch with school friends is a major tragedy of time.

If there’s hell on earth, it’s high school. – Lisa Desrochers

I miss school. Now there’s something I never thought I’d say!

The bits I most remember about my school days are those that took place outside the classroom. – Alan Bennett

I miss the days when we’d hang out, goof around, make each other laugh and do ridiculous things together at school.

Thank you for all the memories that I hold so dear in my heart, and as time goes by new ones will form, but the old ones shall never depart. – Danielle Neidich

Missing School Quotes

The only place where we get the fun is just like in heaven.

Education Is Better Safe guard of liberty than an army.

School is a place where we learn sharing, caring and love for others.

Everything was easy to do in school days, now things have become complicated.

Exam is junk, rank is absolutely punk, hence bank on your wisdom dear………….

Missing School Days Caption for Whatsapp

Kisee ko pahali bar dekho to kuchh ajeeb sa lagta hai na……..????

Woh class ke bhahr khade rahne ki punishment ki baat hi alag thi

Learning how to learn is the most important thing in school.

School days are those days, when our crush was our teachers.

Making paper-aeroplans and flying them during class!

Started To Learn 1 2 3 From School & Finally Ends With 1 4 3 With a Girl…

I Failed The Exam Because I Was Busy Looking At My Favorite Teacher.

Sometimes School Memories Sneak Out From Eyes And Roll Down On Cheeks.

When I Say I Miss School, I Mean My Friends And The Fun. Not The Studying Part.

Students Raised Up Hands Green Chalk Board In Classroom With School Quotes Overlay.

One Of The Best Moments I Had In My School Life Was Meeting The Friends I Will Have Forever.

No Matter What’s Going On In Your Life Right Now, School Memories Always Make You Happy.

You Just Don’t Know It Yet But School Is One Of The Best Places On This Planet To Exist Peacefully.

School May Be Hard, Annoying, And Irritating. But Admit It, You’re Going To Miss It When It Ends.

I Have To Get Back In School Somewhere. I Can’t Just Go Home And Tell My Mother I Got Kicked Out Of School.

School Life Missing Quotes

Memories are the best part of today, it has love and friendship. Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

When you recall school memories, you see a complete picture. Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

It’s strange the things that stand out in our memories of school days. Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

No school without spectacular eccentrics and crazy hearts is worth attending. Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world. Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

Your school career is one of the only things in life where you join crying and leave crying. Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

I have always thought that things would be better once I grew up but it certainly never did. Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

The people in your childhood are the ones that you will miss the most when you are an adult. Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

I wish my school days could have dragged on a little longer, or that I could go back and do it later in life. Missing School Days in Lockdown Quotes

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In some places, schools were reopened after pandamic, but since the corona cases started increasing, schools were again closed down. Students are really missing school. They wanted to meet their friends and teachers.

They wanted to experience school life. They wanted to play the games in the school ground. Students innitially enjoyed online lectures but later on they started losing interest in online classes and are interested more in playing with their friends. Teachers are also eager to go to school to teach the students physically.

Teachers are missing the black board. Writing with chalk on the black board. Hence, we all pray to start the schools and all the institutions as before regularly. 

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