151 Best Long Birthday Wishes for Sister to Celebrate Grand Birthday

Long birthday wishes for sister to celebrate her birthday. This is the most awaited day in the life of any female. They plan their birthday well in one year advance. They plan their wishes for what they need as a gift for their birthday which is yet to come next year.

It becomes the responsibility of elders to bring smiles on their faces by wishing them a warm birthday message. Your sister should know how special she is to you. Your hearty birthday wishes to your sister will double the joy of this day and make her feel the warmth of the relationship that every sibling shares.

To celebrate sister’s birthday, we have collected a collection of beautiful birthday messages for her. Scroll down and find the best one that suits your taste. Happy Birthday Sister!

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Long Birthday Wishes for Sister

1. God couldn’t have blessed me with a sweeter younger sister than you.

2. You are so meaningful to me and no matter how old you become, I will forever have a little sister to love and adore.

3. I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays today, my dear.

4. Happy birthday, love! You are the best sister in the world, and also my very best friend.

5. I’m so lucky we were born into the same family and for that, I’m very grateful. Enjoy your life, always with that lovely and ever so sweet, smile of yours.

I’m so lucky we were born into the same family and for that, I’m very grateful. Enjoy your life, always with that lovely and ever so sweet, smile of yours.

6. You were born several years ago, I won’t say exactly how many. The world became a better place when you came into it and I gained a very naggy sister. Just kidding!

7. I love you very very much! Today, tomorrow and forever. You are the loveliest gift I’ve ever received, and every day with you by my side is a blessing.

Happy birthday to you! Thank you for being the amazing sister that you are!

Birthday Wish for Long Distance Sister

8. The whole world can be a better place if everyone has a beautiful, amazing sister like you. Let me remind you on this birthday of yours that you are always the best person in my life and happy birthday sister.

9. You’re my sister by chance, but we became best friends by choice. Happy birthday to my best sister and my best friend for life. May the spark never leave your smile and your days be as bright as this wonderful day.

10. My childhood favorite friend is always you. I know our days had become youth, but you’re always the best person in my life. Happy birthday to my sweet sister who showed that friendship can be built between family members too.

11. Wishing my sister a very happy birthday, who never knew that she was the reason for a stretch in my lips and joy in my heart. Let’s be together like this forever for a lifetime. Love you a lot, sister.

12. So many dreams are waiting ahead to become true. This day is a new beginning of a new year in your life. With the best wishes from your brother, start the year with joy and happiness and be with you forever then.

13. Remembering all the silly moments that we had during our childhood. Today, on your birthday take my special wish that you always stay cheering and happy with all the blessings that shower on you. Many more happy returns of joy.

14. Happy birthday, my best friend… my arch-enemy… my sister.  I love you even when I hate you. You are the best person in my life and I don’t know what I would do without you. Here’s to more crazy plans together!

Long Distance Sister Birthday wishes

15. My dearest sister, I wish you a very warm and happy birthday. It’s really sad that you are not home today for celebrating your birthday with us. I miss you a lot, my sweet angel.

16. Happy Birthday to my sister cum best friend. I wish you a great day today. May your birthday be full of happiness and unforgettable. I love you.

17. To a brother, a sister is all that a friend or a lover can never be. Thanks for filling the gaps in my life. Happy birthday sis.

18. The only person in this entire world who can turn my tears into a big smile. All I want to say is – I love you sister. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Sister Long Distance

19. I wish you a memorable and amazing birthday like you, my dear sister. I love you a lot. Thanks for being my friend with whom i can share my secrets. Many – many happy returns of the day once again.

Long Birthday Message for Sister

20. Happy Birthday sister. I am sending you best wishes and lots of love on your special day. You are my fortune and my life. I miss you a lot.

21. I have always loved you and will continue to do so. On your birthday I send you my best wishes, love, and greetings. Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

22. I feel so lucky that my dear sister is my true friend. Happy birthday, you are the best!

23. You are the most amazing, beautiful and strongest person I’ve ever met. I’m really proud to find myself as my sister. Happy Birthday.

24. Sister, it’s a very special day in your life, let’s cut the cake and multiply the happiness. I love you. Happy Birthday.

25. Neither of us is perfect but our imperfections make us the cute siblings that we are. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Long Distance Sister

26. We may be far apart, but I am always thinking of you; you may be far away, but I’ve still got your back. You are the best sister in the entire world. Happy birthday my sister.

27. Sister, remember those pillow fights we used to have every Saturday night? Why don’t you say we do it again! You’re only as old as you let yourself get. Happy birthday!

28. I know that you are sad because I am not thereby by your side on your special day. But all my thoughts and wishes are with you. I wish you joy and happiness.

Long Birthday Wishes for Sister

29. I am so lucky to have a sister like you. You are always there to support me every step of the way. Thank you for always having my back. Happy birthday, sister.

30. Rain or shine through good times and bad, I can always count on you. You’re my best friend, my sister, and my sidekick. Happy birthday and I love you.

31. To my little sister, you keep getting older and taking me with you. I can’t believe that you are already ___. Oh well. Happy Birthday! I love you.

32. Dear sister, I saw the birthday fairy heading your way, and I knocked her out! Enjoy your day, knowing that I will always have your back.

33. An extraordinary birthday greeting to my best friend, my sister. Thank you for being the coolest sister. May you have many more birthdays to come.

34. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister: Remember that your most exceptional qualities are the ones that show the real character of your heart.

Birthday Wish for Sister Long Distance

35. It’s great to have an amazing sister — and even more amazing friend — like you. Have a great birthday!

36. Sis, you have a bigger heart than anyone I know. It’s so big that you love me no matter what, despite my all-too-frequent not-so-nice side and few-and-far-between nice side. I love you for that. Happy birthday!

37. I am so lucky to have such a supportive sister like you. Wish you many – many happy returns of the day. You mean a lot to me my lovely sister.

Happy Birthday Sister Long Message

38. Happy Birthday to the most amazing and sweetest sister. You are the light of my life that has made my life brighter. I love you sister.

39. On this birthday of yours, my only wish is to have you as my sister in my next birth because you are the best. Happy birthday my sis!

40. Happy Birthday, my caring sister. May your day and every day be as special as you are to me. I wish all your wildest dreams come true and make you happy.

41. Every day, you must behave, but on your B’Day, you have my permission to be ridiculous. You are one more year wiser and about two minutes away from grabbing a cocktail. Thanks for taking all the good looks in the family- oh and Happy B’day. Happy B’Day, don’t worry, I won’t forget to bring the Champagne this year!

Sister Birthday Wishes Long Distance

42. All the wealth of the world isn’t enough to compensate for the love of a sister. I do not want to miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday.

43. Sisters always help you in understanding the world better and also appreciate it more than anyone else. Happy Birthday.

44. I’m so thankful because I was blessed with a sister like you. Celebrate your birthday with maximum happiness! You always deserve the best, sister.

45. Sisters are God’s way of reassuring mankind that pain exists, but so do healers. Happy birthday to one such sis.

46. A sister is like a different flower from the same garden – that’s why the sun was shining so tenderly on your side. Happy Birthday. 

47. Hey, you are my cute, loving, little sister. For you every day I find plenty of reasons to be delighted. Happy Birthday, sister.

48. You are the reason for whom my childhood days were so colorful, and I had so much fun. Thank you for all those wonderful memories. Happy Birthday, little sis.

Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

49. Your birthday is more special to me than yours, because, on this day, I got the most precious gift of my life. Happy Birthday, little sister.

50. To the best, most wonderful, most loving sister in the world on her birthday and every day. Happy Birthday.

51. Happy, Happy Birthday sister. I believe this new year of your life will give you wonderful things in your life. Love you.

52. Nobody can give a hug quite like a sister. Thanks for all of the hugs. I hope that I can give you one for your birthday.

53. I am so thankful to have a sister like you in my life. Celebrate your birthday in a big way! You have always deserved the best.

54. The most heartfelt birthday greetings to the person whose presence in my life makes it so bright and special.

Long Birthday Message for a Sister

55. If I use a single compliment for you that would be very little and if I use all the compliments for you then still that will not be enough to describe you, my loving sister. Happy Birthday.

56. I never dreamt of being the only child of our parents because I always wanted you to be my sis. Happy Birthday.

57. Sometimes you might fight with the sisters, but you finish it up like a best friend. Happy Birthday.

58. Sisters like you are diamonds. They sparkle, they are priceless and they are truly a woman’s best friend. Happy birthday sis.

59. Wishing a Happy Birthday to my amazing sister. I hope all your dreams will come true.

60. Sister, you’ve already done the hard part of growing old. Now let me handle the hard part of planning a party. Happy Birthday!

61. There is no complaining about getting older until you find your first gray hair.

62. I do not talk to you every day anymore, but you are still in my heart every day. Happy Birthday, Sister.

63. There might be thousands of sisters in this world, but to me, you are the best sister without any doubt. Happy Birthday!

64. Sis, you have always been there for me. On your birthday, I just want to say thank you, I love you, and anything you need is yours. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Friend Cum Sister

65. Happy Birthday Dear Sister You Are Amazing You Are Special You Are Unique You Are Kind You Are Precious You Are Loved.

66. Wish a fabulous birthday to my cutest baby

67. Maybe you are growing older every year, but to me you’ll always remain as my little loving sister. Have a Happy Birthday

68. Sisters like you are diamonds. They sparkle, they are priceless and they are truly a woman’s best friend. Happy birthday sis

69. To a brother, a sister is all that a friend or a lover can never be. Thanks for filling the gaps in my life. Happy birthday sis

70. You are the one who made my childhood special and unforgettable. May your love and care for me never fade away. Happy birthday

71. I wish you a life full of wonder, joy and prosperity. It’s very easy for me because I always want the best for my lovely sis. Happy Birthday

72. Even though I always end up making myself look like a fool, I love to do everything you do to look cool. Happy birthday to a cool sister

73. People believe that the heroes are one in many thousands, but I want to say that a sister like you is always one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday

74. People believe that the heroes are one in many thousands, but I want to say that a sister like you is always one in a lifetime. Happy Birthday.

Deep Birthday Wishes for Sister

75. Sister, you are one unique snowflake alright: uniquely annoying, uniquely bossy, and, more importantly, uniquely lovable. I’m glad I have a sister as remarkable as you in my life.

76. Growing up I always looked up to you, and as we grow older, I still do. Thanks for always showing me how it’s done with style. Happy birthday to my role model!

77. Sister, no one shines as brightly as you do. You do more than stand out in a crowd; you dazzle people with your kindness and generosity. Thanks for always bringing the sparkle into my life.

78. When I think of you, I am overwhelmed by all the love I have for you. You have been such a comfort to me throughout my life, and I wish you only the very best in everything you do.

Birthday Long Wishes for Sister

79. Here’s to bigger, better, and brighter years ahead. May your every wish come true this year, and may you only experience happiness and love. Happy birthday sister!

80. It’s a rare gift to have a sister as phenomenal as you. You are the kind of person who envelopes people in your warmth, and I am so lucky to be your sister.

81. You are a good person, a wonderful friend, and an amazing sister. The world is a better place because you are in it. Happy birthday to my dearest sister who always brings joy and laughter into my life.

82. Whenever I am lost or afraid I know that I can always call you, and you will take my hand and show me the way. Happy birthday to my sister who never lets me down and only lifts me up.

Best Long Birthday Wishes for Sister

83. You’re there to make me laugh, You’re there to make me smile, You’re there to make my life simpler, You’re there to understand, Happy Birthday, sister!

84. Your mantras for a joyful life are a real learning for me. Keep working on me. Happy Birthday dear sister, doing well.

85. What a fighter U are? Your spirit and never say never have changed our lives. Happy Birthday Sister, you are the difference.

86. When people say I am so smart and handsome, I feel that all of you are deep inside me. Happy Birthday!

87. I don’t know where I’d be without U. Happy Birthday, Sister.

88. You are everything that I could have asked for in a sister and more. I don’t know which of us is luckier! Happy Birthday.

89. They say that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. I think I am lucky. Happy Birthday.

90. You can’t stop having birthdays and you can’t stop being my sister. And those are both good things. Happy Birthday.

Long Birthday Quotes for Sister

91. You are the best sister that I have ever had. Even in my imagination. Happy Birthday. The most special sister deserves the most special birthday. I’m looking forward to spending many more years by your side.

92. You are such a sweetheart babe! I just love you so much. On your birthday, I promise to keep all your secrets, to flood you with gifts and never to miss a chance to make you smile. Happy Birthday, my dearest sister

93. May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy and live in peace and serenity. Happy Birthday.

94. Throughout my life, you have been there for me when no one else has. You are my sister first, and my best friend always.

Birthday Wishes for Sister cum Friend

95. Wishing my wonderful sister a very happy birthday. You’ve always been there for me, and I can’t imagine doing any of it without you.

96. Happy birthday to an awesome sister. I’m so lucky to have you there in my corner whenever I need you. Thanks for being so awesome.

97. To my sister on your birthday: Words can never say how much I treasure all of our time together. Even though we fight sometimes, I know you’re always there for me. Happy birthday.

98. To my sister on your birthday: You were my first friend, and you’ve taught me so much about life. Thank you for always being you.

99. Wishing a very happy birthday to the world’s silliest, smartest, most creative sister. You’re the best.

100. A sister is someone who is always there through thick and thin. Thank you for being my rock, both in good times and tough times. Happy birthday.

101. Pour the drinks, light the candles, and make a wish! Happy birthday to the world’s most awesome sister!

102. Happy birthday, Sister. Having you in my life has been a blessing in more ways than I can count. Thank you for being so wonderful.

103. I can’t imagine being on this journey through life without a sister as cool as you. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday!

Longest Birthday Wishes for Sister

104. Our lovely parents made us awesome siblings, and we created an alluring friendship out of that bond. Congratulations on being the sister of such a handsome brother. Happy birthday to my idiot sister.

105. More than a sister, you are my caretaker, angel guardian, and a teacher every student covets for. Thanks a lot for showering all your love and kindness to me. I wish you a magnificent happy birthday!

106. Our lovely parents made us awesome siblings, and we created an alluring friendship out of that bond. Congratulations on being the sister of such a dashing brother. Happy birthday to my cool sister.

107. You must have received a lot of heartfelt birthday wishes on your special but mine stands apart from the rest as it is the perfect blend of your insult, my love, your ill habits, and my affection. I wish you all the happiness and peace of the world. Happy birthday, sister!

Happy Birthday Long Distance Sister

108. Hey sister, you have turned old enough to ditch sleepovers and find a groom to get hitched. I can’t bear to live in my small room. Marry fast and I will own your room also. Jokes apart, have a splendid birthday celebration sister!

109. Our parents made us siblings, we became friends on our own. Happy Birthday, Sista.

110. Today is the best day of my life, finally I got a partner to celebrate my sorrow and joy. Happy birthday sister, love you!

111. For a Sister so special in every way, wishing you a perfectly wonderful Birthday to my lovely sister.

112. I hope your birthday contains only warm, fuzzy, and pleasant memories. May it signal the beginning of a year filled only with hope and promise. Happy birthday sister!

Funny Birthday Messages for Sister

113. People say that it is the thought that counts, so I want you to know that I really thought about giving you lots of lovely things for your birthday – like that top you wanted, and those cool shoes. However, this card will have to do as I’m totally broke! I still love you lots! Happy birthday and hope you have a brilliant day!

114. It is said that if you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to talk about when you’re old. Happy birthday dear sister, I hope you have a memorable day!

115. Hooray it’s your birthday! Probably the only thing that we didn’t have to share as kids! Today it’s all about you – have fun and enjoy your special day!

116. Being related to me is really the only gift you need. I’m just saying. Happy birthday!

Funny But Touching Birthday Wishes for Sisters

117. You’re finally 21! Now you can legally do all those things that you’ve been doing since you were 16! Happy birthday!

118. No matter how serious life gets, you’ve got to have that one person you can be completely stupid with. So glad I’ve got you sis! Have a brilliant birthday!

119. Happy birthday to my number one and absolutely incredible sister! True, you are my only sister, but you truly are the best one I ever had!

120. Happy Birthday! Here’s to the cutest, smartest, most perfect sister! I think it must run in the family.

121. Sister, you sure are one unique snowflake: uniquely annoying, uniquely bossy, and, more importantly, uniquely lovable. I’m glad I have a sister as remarkable as you in my life. Happy birthday!

Long Birthday Wishes for My Elder Sister

122. Happy birthday to the wisest person I know: my beautiful elder sister!

123. Have a super wonderful day, sis! Love you!

124. How is it that you’re my elder sister and even though you’re turning another year older today, you simply never seem to age?! You’re making me look bad, sis!

125. I hope that I too will follow in your footsteps and just stop aging at a certain point as well!

126. Happy birthday to you, my dear!

127. Happy birthday, sis! You’re not just my elder sister, but my best friend too. I have always looked up to you with so much respect and admiration.

128. You’re the best example of how you should live your life and I am so privileged to have had you by my side growing up.

129. I hope you have the best birthday, big sis!

Long Birthday Wishes for Big Sister

130. “Happy day dear sister. You are a wonderful person and I miss you so much. I hope you can celebrate as it should be wherever you are.”

131. “I cannot wait for you to come back home, little sister. I would love to be with you to celebrate this special day. I always think about you, I miss you so much.”

132. “I send you lots of hugs and kisses today in your day. I miss you so much and I look forward to your return. I hope you have a nice time.”

133. “I hope that through this text you can receive all of my best wishes today on your birthday. I miss you, and I love you a lot.”

134. “Every day I remember you and today is your birthday, I miss you more than ever. Happy Birthday, Sis, I hope you have a nice time.”

135. “Today is a great day to remind you that I love you a lot, even though we have had our discussions, I love you and miss you. Happy Birthday.”

136. “Remember that you will always be able to count on me to support you whenever you need it. I wish you the entire best, dear sister. Hope you have a nice and happy birthday.”

Long Happy Birthday Wishes for Big Sister

137. “Miss You so much” sis and I hope you have a very happy birthday. God bless you every step you take.”

138. “Have a Happy Bday sister” I hope God blesses your steps wherever you are. Don’t forget that all your family is always thinking about you and miss you very much.”

139. “Unfortunately you have to spend this very special day away from your family, who loves you so much. You know that we are always thinking a lot about you. Have a Happy Birthday, Sis, wherever you are.”

140. We are confident that with these nice birthday texts you are going to be able to send all your good wishes to your sister far away. Make her happy in her day with a detail like this.

Best Sister in the World Birthday Wishes

141. Your presence makes my day brighter! You always seem to know how to cheer me up! You are the coolest sister I would ever dream of! Happy birthday, love.

142. It is such a blessing to have a smart and loving sister like you. You are the greatest gift I have ever received. May your birthday be filled with joy and unforgettable memories, and above all, everything that you desire most!

143. It is a true blessing to have you as my sister, and I wouldn’t ever wish to have another sister in your place! You have been the perfect companion since childhood for my life’s journey. Happy birthday beautiful sister.

144. I wish you an ocean of joy and seas of happy memoirs on your birthday. You have a way of always warming my heart. Enjoy your birthday, sis.

Long Birthday Wishes for My Younger Sister

145. You mean so much to me. Just like a diamond, you are sparkling and priceless. My most heartfelt birthday wishes to my irreplaceable sister.

146. My warmest birthday wishes to my incredible sister who brightens the dull moments in my life. You make my life so colorful.

147. I am more than blessed to have you as my BFF, sister. We have fought more times than I can count, but you are still my truest old friend. Happy birthday and keep smiling!

148. Through the shifting sands of time, we have loved each other with our different personalities, views, and perceptions. I hope your birthday deepens our bond. I love you, sister.

149. Sister, despite the distance between us, I love you more than words could ever express. We may not talk every day, but know that I cherish you and more so on your birthday.

150. Every day I spend with you unfolds to me another ecstatic thing about you. I have a thousand more reasons to be glad that you are my sister. Happy birthday, dear sis.

151. Have you ever thought of how much a better place the world would be if everyone else had a sister like you? Now you know. Have an incredible birthday, sister.

If you want to celebrate your sister’s birthday in a special way, we have the right idea for you. Just send her a birthday message that will make her smile and wish her happy birthday.

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Birthday is the best gift of love to your sister. You want her to feel special and want to give her love. The birthday is the day when any person starts again with new interest in life, with a smile on her face, feeling uplifting.