51+ Best Kim Kardashian Quotes about Success and Inspiration

Kim Kardashian quotes about success have always inspired readers to read more about her life. Kim Kardashian is an American born business woman, actress, producer, socialist. She gained popularity from her reality television series “Keeping Up with Kardashians”.  She has hundreds and millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Some of the best Kim Kardashian quotes about her life, love, family and success are noted to read and get inspired.

Kim Kardashian quotes about success

If I don’t feel confident about my body, I’m not going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself and not do something about it. It’s all about taking action and not being lazy. So you do the work, whether it’s fitness or whatever. It’s about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it. – Kim Kardashian

“Nothing comes easy. I know that people joke all the time and try to figure out, you know, what it is that I do, but I work really hard. I get up every day at 5 a.m. and start my day. I think as long as you work really hard and figure out what you want to do and stay motivated and have a plan and stay committed – just don’t be lazy. That’s my best advice. It’s the most simple advice, but it really worked for me. I think that for some reason, I see people that think things will come easy and it doesn’t really come easy.” – Kim Kardashian

When I turned 16, my dad made me sign a contract – he made us sign contracts for everything – that if I hit my car, I would be responsible for paying for it. I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and I tapped someone. It was not a big deal, but I had to pay for it. – Kim Kardashian

Short Kim Kardashian Inspirational Quotes

If you can fix a problem with money, it’s not really a problem. – Kim Kardashian

You never know what the future holds or where my life will take me. – Kim Kardashian

“I would absolutely characterize myself as ambitious.” Kim Kardashian

Maybe my fairy tale has a different ending than I dreamed it would. But that’s OK. – Kim Kardashian

To look and feel my best, I watch my calories and exercise. – Kim Kardashian

“I urge people to learn from the mistakes of others.” Kim Kardashian

Why is it that when you’re dieting, you crave everything? – Kim Kardashian

I couldn’t sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt. – Kim Kardashian

“The things I’m passionate about are beauty and fashion.” Kim Kardashian

“If you put that effort in, you’ll get what you want.” Kim Kardashian

“Follow your heart.” Kim Kardashian

I always put clothes and family photos under the mattress, in case the house burns down. – Kim Kardashian

There’s more pressure to be famous for being yourself than if you’re being a character. – Kim Kardashian

There was a time in my life where all I wanted was a relationship, and I thought that was the most important thing. – Kim Kardashian

There are always going to be ridiculous rumors. – Kim Kardashian

Inspirational Quotes By Kim Kardashian

My mom and I had the same vision, and we wanted the same things. We would always make a goal list every year. – Kim Kardashian

Everything family does is reflection on the other people. – Kim Kardashian

If you’re a basketball player and you don’t stop and take pictures with your fans, you can have an amazing game and everyone still loves you. – Kim Kardashian

“Get to know me and see who I am.” Kim Kardashian

“I’ve worked really hard.” Kim Kardashian

I play into the perception of me, but it’s not really me. – Kim Kardashian

“My career is based on openness and honesty.” Kim Kardashian

I’m not trying to influence anyone else; I’m not saying, ‘Do what I do.’ I think it’s a little pretentious to say, ‘I’m a role model’; I would never say that, and I don’t think of myself that If I don’t like something that’s going on in my life, I change it. And I don’t sit and complain about it for a year.” – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Family Quotes

“Having lots of siblings is like having built-in best friends.” – Kim Kardashian

“I always wanted what Mom and Dad had.” – Kim Kardashian

“Who wouldn’t want a baby girl? They’re the best! And I know that’s what Kanye has always wanted; he wanted a little girl.” – Kim Kardashian

“Really, it is all so worth it when you have your precious baby in the end.” – Kim Kardashian

“Me and my sisters all have such different body types.” – Kim Kardashian

My mother has always been the social glue holding the family together. – Kim Kardashian

I definitely want kids and I want four kids, for sure. But I need to find a husband first! – Kim Kardashian

“I definitely want kids and I want four kids, for sure. But I need to find a husband first!” – Kim Kardashian

“Ever since I felt the baby kick, it’s such an amazing feeling, and it’s really allowed me to embrace it. Once you feel this movement inside, it’s just a whole different experience, so I love it now. It was tough at the beginning, but I’m past all that, and I love it now.” – Kim Kardashian

I don’t even drink! I can’t stand the taste of alcohol. Every New Year’s Eve I try one drink and every time it makes me feel sick. So I don’t touch booze – I’m always the designated driver. – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Quotes on Love and Romance

“I will always believe in love, but my idea has changed from what I’ve always thought.” – Kim Kardashian

“First and foremost, I married for love.” – Kim Kardashian

“I’m a really nostalgic person. I love taking photos and videos and having memories. I remember all my childhood videos that my dad used to take. I think that’s really what life is about – especially when you start a family of your own.” – Kim Kardashian

Personally, I’ve always loved the curvy look. – Kim Kardashian

First and foremost, I married for love. – Kim Kardashian

“Even in my darkest of times, I don’t regret putting myself out there for the world to see. People have shared with me over the years how much it has helped them to feel less alone when dealing with their own adversity. I love having a voice and I appreciate the platform that I have been given, even though I do wish I could have more privacy at times.” – Kim Kardashian

“I used to enjoy the spotlight. If I had a day off from filming, I didn’t know what to do. Now I enjoy my family time so much, there is this sense of, if it all went away, and I was just a mom, I would love my life.” – Kim Kardashian

“It doesn’t matter if you have a valentine or not – just love yourself and be your own.” – Kim Kardashian “I’m totally growing up.” – Kim Kardashian

“A guy isn’t the only thing that will make me happy. If I never find romance or love, that will be okay. It’s what I want, but it doesn’t define me.” – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Quotes About Life Struggles and Challenges

I’m a really nostalgic person. I love taking photos and videos and having memories. I remember all my childhood videos that my dad used to take. I think that’s really what life is about – especially when you start a family of your own. – Kim Kardashian

“I’d be foolish not to take some of the opportunities that are coming my way. We all know this can go away at any moment.” – Kim Kardashian

You make mistakes, but I don’t have any regrets. I’m the kind of person who takes responsibility for it and deals with it. I learn from everything I do. I work very hard, I have so many things going on in my life. Get to know me and see who I am. – Kim Kardashian

I feel lazy when I’m not working. I learned all my business sense from my dad. He always believed in me, and I think the last thing he said to me before he passed away was, ‘I know you’re gonna be OK. I’m not worried about you.’ – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Inspirational Quotes To Feel Confident

I am so stereotyped into being this Hollywood girl. – Kim Kardashian

It’s fun to have a partner who understands your life and lets you be you. – Kim Kardashian

I think if I’m 40 and I don’t have any kids and I’m not married, I would have a baby artificially inseminated. I would feel like Mary – like Jesus is my baby. – Kim Kardashian

“I am hands-on in any project that I am associated with. I just don’t want to put my face or name and lend it to a product that I’m not behind a hundred percent.” Kim Kardashian

“I’ve always been a businesswoman.” Kim Kardashian.


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